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Anonymous (629b)

Hi all, this is anon because a photo is attached.

I am wondering if anyone has had any success managing a situation like this? (they are chalky in the photo rather than crusty, just to be clear about that).

She has two pairs of DryBands (so always had access to a clean, non chalky pair) and grips that allegedly fit well. Am at a bit of a loss, and it bothers me more than it bothers her, but it doesn't seem sustainable to always have these never healing wounds on her wrists.


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Have her wrap pre-wrap on her wrists before she puts her grips on! I use Rip Fix or Rip Stopper at night, and both work really well. I also use Chalk Boss wristbands and they’re amazing! Good luck!
My daughter uses pre wrap and tapes it. She says it takes 30 seconds. She gets them bad on her outer wrist. Since she’s been wrapping and taping barely anything (except scars lol)
Thanks. I'll give this a go - I was a bit worried that additional tape would provide just another source of friction - especially non adhesive tape.
I'm a bit late with this but if you're still having this problem, consider moisturizing a lot. I always use shea butter and a glycerine+vit E cream but any hand cream that works well for her would be good. (Probably best if fatty). I also do this to prevent rips on my hands because else I get dry calusses and those rip off as one large thing....
Prewrap then tape. Shouldn't cause extra friction if you do it right. Overnight get long gloves if you can and use a moisturizing cream to help with healing and prevention.

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