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  1. JBS

    WAG Trinity Thomas 2.5 Twist To Double Layout

    Crazy pass here... Trinity Thomas 2 1/2 twist step out to double layout...
  2. Jard.the.gymnast

    Coaches How to initiate the twist in front twisting

    I got the get go from HC to start them twisting into the pit from the trampoline. However I am not sure how to initiate the twist. Every time I try to I only get to a quarter twist or so. How do you initiate twisting?
  3. Aero

    Coaches Questions about twist and split preferences in a few skills.

    The Tour Jeté Leap I love the look of the tour jeté leap, and I want to begin teaching it to my gymnasts soon. I think it would be a great skill to add flair to any floor or beam routine. However, I have a question for any knowledgeable folks out there. The tour jeté involves a 180º turn. For a...
  4. G

    WAG She lost her twist

    DD had a layout 1/1 on floor, but she recently told me that she lost it. She now feels like she doesn't know which way to twist. She says she feels stronger going right, but can't control the power. She says she feels more in control going left, but can't make it around. She is now afraid of...
  5. GymRays

    Coaches change twist direction now or let it go?

    I'm currently coaching xcel silver and gold. On bars, a handful of my girls are doing the 1/2 turn tap dismount. I haven't done any acro twisting skills, only dance skills with them. I have done the fun contests with them to see which way each of them are naturally turning. Now I realize three...
  6. Paint A Melody

    WAG How to figure out which way you twist?

    Is there any way to determine which way you twist without doing twisting flips? I would use which way my jump go bit they're all different. Some I twist right and some I twist left.
  7. I

    WAG How long did it take you from layout to twist? can I make it after my injury?

    I have had a pretty bad knee injury so I couldn't do heavy tumbling or vault for the last 6 months. I want to be able to compete L8 by summer! I am so ready on bars and beam, because I have focused on that for the last months. But I wasn't allowed to do heavy tumbling. I have a very good back...
  8. cbifoja

    Parents DD has started learning to front twist

    and she says it is a LOT harder than back twisting. She said that she is twisting one way and then twisting out the other way. I can't imagine that this is what she is really doing but I have faith that she will work it out at some point. She's a fast little backward twister so hopefully...
  9. K

    WAG your experiences...from Back Tuck to Layout to Twist - was it hard for you/your DD?

    RO BH BT came quite easy to me. After mastering all 3 on their own it took some practice but then I got it quite quick. I was always super confused how I should ever be able to do a back layout! But I trained it on trampline first and I actually could throw one on tumbl trak just after 3 days...
  10. F

    WAG Twisting issues when going from 1.5 to double twist

    DD is having troubles when she attempts a double twist. She's competed a 1.5 since March or so and does it well. She's landed a double ONCE, about three months ago. Now whenever she attempts the double, she can't even eek out a 1.5, and looks like a floppy mess and lands on her back in the...
  11. C

    WAG Front Twist Hairstyle

    I was wondering if anyone has a picture of the front twist hairstyle that a couple of the juniors at nationals had las year. If you don't know why I am talking about, I will do my best to describe it. The front of the hair parted into a square, or similar and then twisted back into a ponytail...
  12. Adelita.19

    Back layout full twist

    Does anyone have any tips for a back layout full twist? I can do a half one alright but I can't twist fast enough for a full one
  13. htimcj

    WAG Sissone/split jump vs. sissone/tuck with 1/2 twist

    So what which be better? On beam DD has some choices on the beam routine. She needs a b jump so we are trying sissone/split jump and the sissone/ tuck jump with a 1/2 twist. Both the split jump and tuck with a 1/2 twist are bs. Here is the DD thoughts. She hates the split jump and honestly...
  14. gymgal

    WAG What's the value of layout 1.5 twist on fx

    Dd is under the impression it is only a "b" and that you need a 2x twist for a 'c', but on another thread it was mentioned that the 1.5 is a 'c'. I tried looking on an engine search and didn't find anything.
  15. Ari97

    WAG help with back layout half twist please?

    So I'm trying to learn a back layout half twist but I'm having trouble twisting! I can do like half of a half. I've looked online and I found something that said a good drill is to do a backhandspring but when your vertical in the air you twist, I'm also having trouble with that too. Anyone...
  16. JBS

    Full Twist Tutorial Video

    I thought this was going to be lame...but I think it's pretty well done...
  17. K

    full twist on vault

    I have been practicing full twist on vault and will be competing it. It didn't really feel right when I was doing it and my couch couldn't figure it out what I was doing wrong, so he used this app on his ipad to videotape me. when he looked at it in slowmotion he saw that I am dropping the wrong...
  18. B

    Need Help With Double Twist

    I've been doing full and a halves for almost a year now, and they're fine. Decently high, the twist is fast, etc. But whenever I try a double, all I do is a bad 1 1/2. I have a lot of momentum going backwards(I always have to roll out of it, which never happens on my 1 1/2's), and the twist...
  19. ivyagogo

    Full Twist Question

    I'm an "adult" gymnast. Actually, an ancient gymnast at 43. Two years ago I finally got my full twist thanks to Dunno, only to tear my ACL the very same day. I haven't done one since. I am close though but I have a question. When I finally did get my twist off the tumbltrak, I used an X-Mat...
  20. B

    Vault full twist help

    I have a gymnast who has a tender elbow and therefore limits the drills we can do for Handspring full twist vaults. Is there any suggestions for drills and techniques to achieve this skill. Thanks

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