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  1. Lovegymmom

    Parents Vacation over training?

    Hi, everyone! This is my first post. I have an 11 year old daughter who is training level 5/6. We just made a gym change at the end of May because her former gym shifted to an all-Xcel model for the compulsory levels. The new gym has set practice days for each training group and her group...
  2. C

    Parents Vacation

    Hello all! So after my DDs state meet (which is tomorrow) she has a 3 week vacation. She is 16 and is very committed and lives/breathes gymnastics. If she is not at gym practicing, she's at home practicing. I think that vacation will be good for her; let her clear her head mentally and just...
  3. P

    WAG Vacation

    Hello! My family is taking a vacation, but I have a meet the following week. I don't feel prepared at all, since I have had numerous injury's recently that have kept me from being at practice. Is there anything y'all recommend to do during vacation to keep mentally prepared and keep my routines...
  4. MuggleMom

    Off Topic Disney Vacation

    So been seriously thinking about planning a Disney vacation before the kids get to old to really enjoy the magic of it all. Any great tips? Is it worth going through a vacation planner? Anyone gone through Costco before?
  5. txgymfan

    Off Topic Practice during vacation ?

    Not for Simone! She’s going to the beach and not stepping foot in a gym. I love her honesty. It’s so refreshing for an elite gymnast to admit she takes vacations and has a serious boyfriend, both of those topics...
  6. Avasmom

    Parents Panama City Vacation

    My daughter would like to train a few hours while we go on vacation. Any recommendations of gyms that allow this in the Panama City area?
  7. C

    WAG training at other gyms on vacation

    I'm wondering whether it's common to train at other gyms while on vacation. Some of my daughter's teammates have done this. How do you set this up with the other gym? Do coaches welcome gymnasts from other places? Do coaches appreciate that their gymnast is trying to continue their training...
  8. T

    Parents Practicing while on vacation?

    We will be visiting family across the country for an extended period of time this summer. DD will be training for level 5 and I’m curious to know if it would be wise to have her attend a couple practices/open gyms at a local gym in the area. Would this be recommended so she doesn’t lose skills...
  9. V

    Parents JO Vacation/attendance policy?

    We are at a gym that is a great fit for us: location, community, hours, price, style. My 8yo did a year of XB following by XS and now looking to move to JO4. I was told that a 2.5 week vacation we booked this summer (my family lives in Europe and we aim to go every 2 years) may be a problem...
  10. K

    WAG Going on Vacation for Two Weeks

    My DD is a level 6 this year and we are going to be taking a two week vacation during the summer. When a gymnast takes two weeks off, is it a huge set back? This will be our first time doing this too by the way.
  11. Azgymmiemom

    WAG Gym recommendation for a Level 3 rec gym on vacation Michigan

    Hi! One of the rec kids at our gym is travelling to Michigan, Genesse county and looking for a gym (Flint, Clio, around that area) that she could put her girl in for Level 3 recreational. June 30th until July 15th. Any gyms there that would take a kid for a couple weeks?
  12. C

    Parents practicing at other gyms while on vacation

    What level were your gymmies at when they started to do this? We will be away for 5 days for turkey day and then 10 days for Xmas and my DD's meet season starts the week after we return. She will be 7 in two months. She's level 3. She is getting nervous because she is worried to lose her...
  13. 1canadiangymmom

    WAG Has anyone every had their dd train at a gym in Mexico while on vacation?

    Looking at either PVR or Cancun but dd doesn't want to go if she is going to miss a week of gym before comp season, so if anyone has, or knows of a decent comp gym in either destination please, please let me know.
  14. G

    Parents Looking for a gym for DD while on vacation in NJ

    Hey all! We we will be in the area of Edison NJ for a week, and my DD was hoping we could find her a gym where she could work out once or twice. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? I contacted one gym last week but haven't heard back. Thanks in advance!
  15. L

    Parents What does your gymnast do when the gym is closed for vacation?

    Hi. Our gym closes for 10 days at the end of June and the end of August. Just wondering if any of your gymnasts do anything to keep up their skills when your gym closes. Conditioning is easy, but what about skills?
  16. kimute

    WAG Three week vacation opportunity: WWYD?

    I'm stressing about an amazing opportunity. We've been invited to do a three week bike trip through Italy in June (kids on tandems w/adults). I'm likely a CGM but I'm struggling to say yes due to gym. DD is a 9 YO level 6. Upside: - She'd stay conditioned from biking (we did this at Level...
  17. D

    Parents Smoky Mountain Gymnastics Vacation Classic (tips/feedback)?

    Our gym is having its first out of state meet in Sevierville, TN. Other than some older posts/reviews (2014 and older) I have not found much about it when doing a google search. There was no facebook page for the host or event but I did find their wordpress website and found information. Still...
  18. J

    Parents Visiting gyms on vacation

    We are traveling for a dance competition for our dancer and will be having our gymnast be a guest at a nearby gym while we are there. I found a gym with the same age range in the same level and they seem great. I think she'll have a great experience. Anyone ever do this? Any advise?
  19. E

    Parents Reimbursement for coaches vacation

    We have an out of town meet coming up. Our session is Friday early afternoon. Our coach is traveling on Friday and we booked a hotel for him Friday night since we are not sure what time our session will end. I am currently having an issue with the coach wishing to extend his travel till...
  20. P

    Parents Vacation?

    When you go on vacation, is it a true vacation and no gym time? Or do you look for another gym so that your child can stay in shape during time away? We are going to Florida in the spring. So I am trying to plan ahead. I am leaning heavily towards no gym time. Just wondering what others do...

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