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My daughter is doing great with the upper-body strength exercises you all recommended. She enjoys them much more and is already getting more definition in her arms.

She quit competitive gym in May but started back in a rec class in July. She doesn't want to do level 4 again so she's really working hard to regain her strength and flexibility.

Do you know any "fun" abdominal exercises? She doesn't mind v-ups but she's not really fond of the traditional sit-up.

Thanks so much!!
You could try crunches by starting in hollow shape with shoulders and legs off the floor--then bringing your knees to your chest and your chest up to meet your knees...i always enjoyed do that one. Another one that i like is what i call plank hold---it's like holding push up hold, except you're on your elbows instead of your hands.
I'm not sure I would describe those as " fun. "

Here are some, I think are mo' funnah'.

Skin the cats on rings or bars.

Ice Cream Makers on rings or bars. I'd start out in a tuck position. Pull into a pullup position, rock back into a tucked front lever. You can also go straight to a candlestick ( inverted ) on the bar. Rock back and forth. Good core conditioning.

Dragon Flag. Lay on the ground and hold onto a base or pillar or something. I have the kids use the base of the beams or parallel bar or pommel horse stands. Get into a candlestick and see how horizontal you can make it.

Support Leg lifts on rings or bars.

Leg lift to candlestick on a bar.

Windshield wipers from a leg lift on bar.

Ab Wheel of Death. Remember those lil unicycle looking hand wheels. I recommend starting from an open hipped on knees position and extending out and then pulling in.

Back bounces on trampoline. To make it harder, try it on a tumble track or a trampoline that isn't springy. Stomach drop to ball/tuck in the air is another good one.

Handstand Leg lifts. Get into a handstand against the wall or free. Lower your toes down to the ground and lift back up to handstand.

Knees to Elbows. Hang from a bar or rings, pull into a tucked front lever postion. Just pull your knees to your elbows or inside.

Last one. Find a set of rings that are just above reaching for. Jump to the rings, and do an immediate skin the cat that mimics a backflip. We have a set of ropes that are close together, so you can use these too.

And if you're really sick, what I was taught being called the " turtle. " Lie on your back in a hollow position. Rock back and forth in a hollow position slightly shifting to one side to go in a half or full circle. Repeat back to your starting position.

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