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who's interested? woodward east said the 12th session they are allowing us old farts to do gymnastics. i want to go! are there other crazy people out there like me?
OMG!!! I would love to do that!!! I took an adult gymnastics class last year at my daughters old gym and had the time of my life!!! I learned my BHS (by myself on tramp--you gotta start somewhere!!) and learned my front handspring and front tuck on floor!! But...since we switched gyms I haven't tumbled in about a year. Definitely let me know more about it!! Private message me if you want.
Man, to me, that's worth going over to America for!

I've always wondered too, with maximum age limits. Normally they cut it off at 18, but if you were over that age bracket, and still were willing to work hard, would they let you in?
also was thinking of coaching a camp like woodward west at some you think you could coach some weeks, and train for one?
i would ask them about being a coach and a camper. i don't see why they wouldn't. you have to make it worth your flight!
check out their sight, the there is a link for "visiting coach application"
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i haven't competed for 15 years. i found an open gym for fun off and on for a couple of years in college, but when i came back from college i was too old for the insurance. for 1.5 yrs i have been working at a gym that lets me workout. it is so much fun and amazing exercise. i love my gymnastics and yoga.
Have you signed up?! I just discovered myself that Woodward offered the adult week, and I am totally willing to go! After speaking with the camp, I found out that 6 adults students are already signed up, and that we get our own cabin, and a later curfew, woot! I haven't really done "real" gymnastics for twelve years, and after telling my husband, he gave me the strangest look when I said I wanted to go for the week. I had to join an adult gymnastics class to convince him I really want it, and also to get some skills back too! Fell free to message me if you are signed up, I want to know someone there!

~Good luck and good tumbling~
i have not signed up. honestly, i forgot about it because i didn't have any other people interested. it sounds like sooo much fun. and it wouldn't take too much to convince me to do it, if i knew others.
I didn't either, because it's far too expensive (and I don't have the money) to travel to America just for that.

Plus, I still train 6days a week anyway.
hey metgrrl,
how is your training going? when i am home on the weekend, i found a gym, all world, that offers adult classes on sundays. we have so much fun! have you signed up for camp woodward yet?

i wish i had time to train 6 days a week, but i have 2 jobs. so the nights i could workout, i am coaching gymnastics. how old are you and what kinds of skills can you still do?!
Yeah, life tends to get in the way, and with gas so high, the 20 miles round trip to gymnastics gets a backseat, unfortunately. Haven't signed up for camp yet. I kinda want to email Woodward again. I would hope that adults are in their own class, but who knows. I also want to get at least my back tuck and layout back before going. Guess you motivated me to go to class this week. Kerri Strug will be there this week, and while my friends laugh at me about wanting to meet her, the 92-96 time frame is still my favorite gymnasts.
I do elite trampolining - hence the 6 days (or 6 sessions, whatever - it's varying, depending on what's going on). That's made up of tramp training, dmt training, sports pyschology, physio, ballet, pilates, weights/strength and cardio! I'm 21.

I do gym when I can, and when my body hasn't died from all the strength. I can't really do much still - RO-FFs, fhs on a good day, f/s stepouts etc. Bars I can swing a giant in straps; beam - I can front sault, but ow ow ow ow they KILL your feet (so I choose not to).

Hopefully after August I'll be able to do some tumbling...I was never good at it. I could whip-double back on the tumble tramp before I could RO FF :) So a flic series pass would be nice!
I live in Baton Rouge Louisiana and I would be interested in going to the adult gymnastics camp only if it was an overnight camp.I have seen woodward west videos on you tube and I love the trampoline track that goes into foam pits.That is so cool.You should not only have adult day camps but adult sleepaway camps where adults from all over the country could come.I would love to come to your camp because I saw at the website that the camp has pools with diving boards.I would love to go swimming and do gymnastics.I started taking gymnastics when I was 12 years old at Elite gymnastics and took gymnastics for 5 years.I know that this message was started in 2008.I wish I had seen it sooner so I could reply.When will the camp start.I would love to come.I will be 31 in June 2009.
i think that woodward opens their gym to adults the last session of the season. it is an overnight and you have to stay at the camp. the don't let you stay at area hotels if you are a camper.
i just did bars on tuesday for the first time in several months. wow, am i sore. i need to train to work up to camp 6 days a week. so maybe next year.
wow, if i wasn't out with a back injury i would be totally interested in going to this camp! is it positive that they let adults go to the camp every year? i'd love to go next year; i should hopefully be healed by then!
To my knowledge it is every year. We should get a few people together for next year, that would be wicked fun!!!
I think I could only go to the camp if their were some kind of supervision.I live with my mom and I am developmentally delayed and my mom would not let me go to an unsupervised camp.I do stay home alone when my parents go out of town or when they run errands so I don't need to be watched every second. I don't think my mom would let me go to a strange place with no counselors or supervision. Is it gymnastics only in the session or can you do other activities like drive the gocarts in Pennsylvania,swim in the swimming pool,do arts and crafts.Is this gymnastics camp at the Pennsylvania,Colorado,or California location. Can disabled people that can't do advanced or intermediate gymnastics go to this camp? What are the dates for this camp and cost.I need more information.
nicci, that would be awesome!!

like carebears said... does anyone have any more information??

carebears... what kind of supervision would you need? i'm just thinking that if a bunch of us from chalk bucket went next year, would it be possible for one or more of us to kind of buddy up with you, be aware of your needs and be there to help if you needed anything? or would you need more professional help?
I don't have anymore information, but from what I have read off of another board, they put the adults into their own cabin, or with the counselors, don't remember which. And there are other activities I would imagine besides gymnastics.

Carebears, if we all manage to go, I don't know what a lot of people's backgrounds on here are(I workout with a few people here ), but I do work as a nurses aide, and I am a nursing student, plus I am sure if you contact the camp, and let them know, they can help you out too.

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