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If anyone wants a new siggie or avatar, I'll make it for them! I made my own!!!
I have an iconator account and I make a whole bunch of avies/siggies for forums and roleplaying sites! Just include what you want on it! If you don't want a name or something on it just type none. :)

Avatar or Siggie:

When I'm done making it I'll post it in this thread and then you can copy and paste the "properties" in the little siggie/avatar spot when you edit your avatar/siggie.

PS If you have any questions please ask!
You right click on the picture, go down to properties, copy the url, and paste it in the URL spot for custom avatars. OR you can just save the picture to your computer and go to where you change your avatar and click browse (at the bottom) and select the picture.
ooh can you make me one with like shawn johnson on it? then it can say champions risk what others dare not; dream what others think impossible; and do what others say can't be done
thanks. on mine nastia and some really cute writing like you have. i love pink and lime green but i like a background that makes it pop, maybe black? i want my sig entirely changed, but i don't know what i want done. i need some ideas. send me a message if this is too much or whatever, but i love urs and its so cute!!!! thanks for doing this!
Jojogymgirl: What kind of writing? What do you want it to say???
Here are two I made right now. What do you think??? You don't have to use these.......


i like the avatar a lot. thanks... can you make a sig with roll with it or get rolled over? thank you!!! and how do i get the avatar to be my avatar if you know what i mean??
Click on your current avatar in the user CP section under the list of online users
That should take you to the edit avatar page
Scroll down to Custom Avatar
Choose one of the options.......
I can do it too on photoshop if you guys want something different. I love playing around in photoshop! I made my siggy too.
I wish I had photoshop! it's sooooooo cool! I have to use paint. :(
Oh well.....I try!
I found these on photobucket. I didn't make them. You guys can use them!












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