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  1. pandaamiko

    WAG Floor routine but gymnast is shy

    Gymnast is shy and doesn’t like to show off routine because she thinks it’s awkward. Should she choose a slow/classical music so it doesn’t draw much attention and isn’t dramatic or should she choose energetic music that she liked but has to work on her showing it off and performing well? Are...
  2. Nugtastic

    Coaches Hoping I can get some advice on choreography for a floor routine

    I’m hoping this is like “allowed” or whatnot but my dancer/gymnast friend and I choreographed an Xcel Silver floor routine. We just had our first meet & as much as I am proud of them floor did not go as well as i’d hoped. The girls love their routine and so do I, but i’m not sure if the...
  3. F

    WAG Level 7 Bar routine clarification (giants/casts/flyaway)

    I’m trying to gain a better understanding of the Level 7 bar routine: First, if DD doesn’t quite make her cast to handstand at first on low bar, but then she makes it on the high bar, does that still count? Second, she will probably do two giants on high bar (clear hip to 45 on low). I’ve...
  4. A

    Anon Should you tip the routine choreographer?

    My daughter will have her own routine for the first time. She will learn it this week with the choreographer coach. The gym is charging $200. Should I tip the choreographer when I take her for the lesson to learn the routine? Not sure what the etiquette is for this. Thank you!
  5. M

    WAG Connecting bar routine tips

    My DD just got officially moved up to Xcel Platinum. She has all her skills, but is still working on connecting her bar routine. Her routine is kip cast free hip kip squat on hb kip cast layout flyaway. She can connect the high bar fine, and her kip squat on is good, but she is still struggling...
  6. A

    Anon Level 9 Bar Routine Start Value

    What would be the start value of this level 9 bar routine? Kip squat on, jump to the high bar, kip cast to handstand, 1/2 pirouette to shootover, kip squat on, jump to the highbar, kip cast handstand, giant, giant, double back dismount. If it's not a 10.0 start value what is missing?
  7. G

    WAG Creative floor routines!

    Just a fun thread: what are some unique and creative floor routines that you have enjoyed watching? From Classics I loved Nola Matthews' creepy floor. Some of the Juniors have had interesting choreography too (Ella Kate Parker and Cora Burke's had unique music choices and felt unexpected...
  8. B

    Coaches Do I need a free hip handstand in my level 9 bar routine?

    I'm coming from a small gym where we have never competed in DP before (I'm petitioning in) so it's been hard to understand all of the rules and requirements perfectly. Currently my bar routine is Kip, handstand, pak salto, kip, handstand 1/2 pirouette, kip, jump to high, kip, handstand, giant...
  9. Splat

    WAG Xcel routines

    I am currently working on coming out of retirement after 5 years and multiple injuries/surgeries and wanting some imput of routines. Currently planning on competing platinum as that's what I was before retiring. Bars: kip, cast, clearhip, kip, squat on, HB kip, cast away flyaway Beam: mount...
  10. N

    Coaches Xcel Gold Bar Routine

    Would a Kip, cast, double back hip circle, squat on, tap swing, tap swing flyaway fit all the requirements for xcel gold?
  11. Gymnast2009

    Off Topic Reusing routines?

    at first i though this was weird, but my coach (retired xcel diamond) played her old music during practice for everyone saying she would love to give it to one of us, and it was a beautiful dramatic piece. Literally the music of my dreams, a bit but mature for the nine year olds on the team who...
  12. superNova08

    WAG HS routine composition

    Does anyone know what the norm is in terms of skills for hs gymnastics? I'm in Illinois if that helps. Skills I currently have: Floor FHS FHS step-out RO Punch front step out RO Punch front Front pike Working RO-BT with spot into pit off rod floor Double pirouette Single wolf Split leap...
  13. iLUVgymnastics:)

    WAG Is my current silver routine skills be used for gold

    This summer would like to go to silver to gold. These are some skills I have in my current floor routine Turn- full turn Tumble pass 1- Roundoff back handspring Leap pass sissonne, chasse, leap, 1/2 straight jump Tumble pass 2- Side aerial Is my tumble passes enough for gold or do I have to...
  14. Gymnast2009

    Parents Floor routine music/choreography

    So I need to pick out a floor music for excel gold and I have to get it from jumptwist music but there are so many choices. I also really like the song A Million Dreams as I am sure many do lol. But I do not see that in the catalog. I know I can get a custom cut for a song but thats expensive...
  15. Trying_to_tumble

    Off Topic What is your stretch routine like?

    Just out of curiosity, what does your (or your child’s) stretching routine look like to improve flexibility for gymnastics? I want to see how everybody’s compares to mine, as I haven’t been progressing much lately. This is what mine looks like: Butterfly stretch , 5 minutes Frog stretch, 3...
  16. Anonymous Post

    Anon Start value for level 9 bar routine

    What would the SV be on level 9 for this bar routine: Kip cast handstand pirouette Kip cast handstand to Chinese sit up (toe shoot??) Kip cast handstand Free hip handstand 2 giants Double back dismount They are taking pak out temporarily for more work/clean up.
  17. C

    WAG Re-working L7 Floor Routine

    Due to injuries/conditions, my L7 needs to rework her floor routine. It seems her passes of 1) RO-BHS-BLO and 2) FLO would be sufficient for the acro and B skills. Is this correct? Now to make sure she has enough A skills, where can those be found? She has switch leap+ front tuck jump, full...
  18. PeanutsMom

    WAG What needs to be added... (L9 Beam Routine)

    What needs to be added to this beam routine to make it Level 9? Straddle up handstand mount full turn Switch leap/Sissone BHS BHS Side Aerial BHS Back Tuck dismount Thanks for feedback
  19. Dahlialover

    WAG Video of 1989 compulsory routines levels 5-7. How do they compare to contemporary levels?

    Any older former gymnasts remember these routines from the early 1990s? I’m just coming back to gymnastics with my kids after a 30-year hiatus and I’m trying to figure out how the current levels compare to the old levels. I think contemporary JO level 4 and 5 are like the 1989 level 5 & 6...
  20. F

    WAG Cleaning up Floor Routine

    My 8 year old daughter is having a great first season competing XB! She loves it and is managing solid 35s AA. Her biggest challenge area is general sloppiness and performance appearance. Especially on floor. Her arms flap around, she takes lots of extra hops, and she struggles to smile/look...