Basic Skills Achievement Program(BSAP)

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I'm doing gymnastics in Japan.
I like watching movies of routine in youtube or other site, and often see level xx.
According to USA GYMNASTICS(:: USA Gymnastics ::) there might be the system named BSAP, details are not understood well.
So, could you answer me several question?
does each level need qualifying examination or something
for example which value skill they have to do as level 10

Thank you for reading my poor English :)
Wataru, these are the routines described in detail for Levels 4-7. Level 4 is very basic.

You can do a search on youtube for level 4, 5, 6 and 7 routines and maybe find some level 8, 9, and 10. there are no set routines for level 3 and below ( there are in the girls program ) just skills. some gyms may use this skill system to graduate boys through their program but it is not mandatory.

In fact for boys competing in the US, they basically can start at any level unlike the girls who have to pass each level with minimum scores at a level before going to the next.

However, USAIGC does have L3 routines for boys.

the BSAP goes over all the basics. It's really basic and I have the old program on VHS. It's nothing spectacular but it's decent for basics.

Currently, there are no boys competing in the USAG for level 3.
floor would be like cartwheels and a backward roll and learning a headstand.

parallel bars would be basic swing back and forth and doing an L.

high bar would basically be swinging and hopping their hands in the back swing.

rings would be basically swinging to upside down and lowering down.

pommel horse would be swinging back and forth and practicing circles.

vault would probably be running and bouncing on a vault board to a mat, just not 16 inches of matting, maybe just 8.

Level 8-10 use the FIG system but do not do full FIG routines. The details are in that PDF. Often you'll see C level elements but not anything beyond that in Level 10.
I understand it had wanted to know thank to your detailed explanation.

Thank you for letting me know!

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