Boys competing with girls

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Kids at my school compete 'Key Steps' gymnastics. It's a sort of rec level school dinnertime club level. Boys and girls compete together but it is only floor, vault and body management (a conditioning and flexibility routine). Boys are at a disadvantage as they tend to be less flexible and more untidy.
If this boy intends on continuing on in gymnastics then he needs to have parents committed to driving that 30 minutes and get him in a boys program. I agree that doing some L4 meets in the WAG system may be ok, he really will fall further behind the other boys training the girls events and not pommel, horizontal bars, rings and high bar.

Hopefully someone will sit down and discuss this with his parents and you won't see him competing L5 WAG!!
I will state 4 skills that boys should probably not compete on BB and UB.

English HS and CW. Mill/Stride circle and Front Hip circle.

Actually if he wears a cup he may be fine.

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