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  1. A

    Anon Judges Thoughts on Kids Competing Levels They Aren’t Ready For

    We have a gym in our area that is garnering a reputation for allowing kids to compete levels/apparatuses/skills that they are not ready to compete. For example, during warm ups at state, and at a few other meets, I watched one of their level 8 gymnasts struggle to do a kip cast to handstand...
  2. A

    WAG Competing alone as an adult

    Hi, I hope this is the correct spot to post this question. I am an adult getting back into competing, and currently I just train on my own at an open gym, so I am not affiliated with a USAG club. I've been having trouble registering for meets with out having a proper club, so does anyone know if...
  3. A

    Parents Competing in shorts

    My 13yo daughter will be L8 this season and wants to compete in shorts. No one else at her gym does and they haven't offered the option, though I'd be shocked if they pushed back at a gymnast who wanted to. Like many normal teens, she would rather not be the only one and attract that attention...
  4. Gymnast2009

    WAG Competing low levels

    So I am talking more about DP not really xcel but if anyone wants to chime in on that go ahead. Do you think it is worth it for gyms to compete low levels like 1 and 2. I can see level 3 being competing because they are getting longer routines, and more building block basic skills like round off...
  5. N

    WAG Competing more advanced skills?

    I’m currently in Xcel gold and going to compete it this coming season. Every season and level our coaches give us routines with all the skills and requirements for the next level. This cause us to not score as well at meets because the other girls are doing something like a straight jump off the...
  6. A

    Anon Is There a Way to Find Out What Gyms Will Be Competing at a Meet?

    We left our old gym a few months ago and things got very messy, lots of hurt feelings all around. I now have the Fall competition schedule for our new gym and would love to be able to know if the old gym will be at any of the same meets. I just want our family to be able to mentally prepare for...
  7. JBS

    WAG Athletes Competing For Other Countries

    Just thought I would open a conversation about this so we can keep track of who is competing where? List them here.
  8. iLUVgymnastics:)

    Off Topic Competing alone at Xcel States Championships

    At my gym, I am the only girl competing in my age division for states. Many of my other teammates are competing with others in their age group and others are also competing alone. I am nervous because I never compete alone. If you guys have any tips to stay calm/compete alone?\ I would really...
  9. A

    Anon Training up and competing down

    I’m wondering is it common for most gyms to train up and compete down. For example, a team that has gymnasts who have level 5-6 skills but compete level 4 and score well. Is this how most gyms operate or do most have the girls compete at their level?
  10. gymmom1443

    WAG Tips for competing alone?

    My DD is competing at states in about a month, and we believe that she will be alone. I know that this is pretty common, but my DD has never done it before, and if anyone who has competed alone has anything to share, let us know!
  11. Anonymous Post

    Anon Possibly Unpopular Question: Former National Team Members Competing in Nastia?

    There are often questions on this forum about "is it fair for former elites to compete L10?" or "Is it fair for someone training tops to compete L4?" or "Is it fair for someone with L7 skills to compete L5?" etc. etc. and my opinion to all of these is a simple "yes." I mean, we all know that...
  12. M

    WAG Competing at lower levels

    I know it’s normal for gymnasts to upskill, but to what extent? I ask because I can see on Instagram pages of many other clubs, there are kids who are doing skills that are in routines several levels above what they are competing. For some examples, performing giants on bars but preparing for...
  13. GymnastMomX2

    Parents Daughter hates competing?

    My daughter is a 12 year old level 8 and can't stop talking about how much she hates competition season, keeps saying she can't wait for it to be over so she can work on upgrades and not worry about routines. She wasn't like this last year as a 7, however she was scoring high 37s last year, and...
  14. Trying_to_tumble

    WAG Questions about competing

    So up until now I’ve done purely recreational gymnastics and I’m around level 3 (or will be once I get my back handspring). I probably won’t compete but if I ever did consider it I have some questions about it: How much does it cost? Right now my parents spend $200/month for 3 hours of practice...
  15. Anonymous Post

    Anon Competing as an adult (MAG)

    Hey guys, i want to be a competitive gymnast. I started when i was 22, but i do sports since i was 16 years old. I dont know if its possible, heard many opinions about that. What should i do in order to use my time the best way i could? I Take around 3-4 gymnastics classes per week, and 2-3...
  16. uchiknow

    Parents Lack of Flexibility for Competing w Higher Age Group due to Conflict?

    Hi! I am somewhat of a new gym parent as my daughter just started competing about a year ago. She is really passionate about it and loves the competition. However , there have been several meets, including States, which she has not been able to compete in due to the schedule for her age group...
  17. J

    Parents Living Abroad, Competing in the US?

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to chalk bucket and I'm a pretty new gymnastics parent. What a great resource, I've already learned a lot by reading the posts. Thanks to all who contribute! My son is a level 4 and is 8 years old. We recently moved from the US to Costa Rica where he has continued his...
  18. YogaMomof6

    WAG How many weeks before competing should you have your routines complete?

    My twins are compete xcel Gold this year as a transition between 4 to 6 and will test out of 5 in January. Their first meet is in 6 weeks and they still do not have floor routines. We have been waiting all summer for the routines and now I feel like 4-5 weeks will not be enough time to prep...
  19. F

    WAG Good luck to all competing at the classic!

    Just want to wish good luck to all the gymnasts competing this week in salt lake city!! All sessions will be live streamed on YouTube. HOPES sessions are on Friday, juniors and seniors on Saturday.
  20. gymgal

    WAG thoughts on American athletes competing for other countries in international competitions?

    CB has been a little slow on topics lately so I figured I would try to spark discussion. I understand why some Americans do this as they have a better chance of competing in these competitions but I have a hard time getting past the "fairness" of it. And I know that's a loaded word but I am not...