Parents Brag: front flyaway and level 6!

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Hi everyone! Just wanted to share DD's success this weekend at gym doing her front flyaway by herself! :) A flyaway dismount was the last skill she needed to compete Level 6 in our Ontario system. :D She wanted to thank everyone for their encouraging words! She is quite proud of herself in getting everything she needed to move up to the next level. I'll try to attach the video later. It wasn't her best one of the night but isn't that always the way!
Wow Wow Wow!!!!!!!!!!!! That's AWESOME! What a determined young lady. Didn't she just start the progressions really recently? She must have been just bent on getting this skill.

Bean and I are so excited for her. We can't wait to see the video of your super star in action:)

We don't have any quals in common do we? I guess we'll have to wait to see her magic at Provincials!!!!
Thanks CGM! Yes she started the progressions a couple of weeks ago. She sure has been determined to meet those level 6 requirements! No quals in common this year but if she's able to meet that score perhaps provincials!
She's so excited and proud of herself!
Yay!!!! Congrats to her! Amazing what these girls can do when they are determined!!! How exciting!! That is one of Abby's skills she wants to do when she gets to optionals, or as she puts it, "when I am a big girl."
Mariposa, She'll be there before you know it! It feels like yesterday my DD wanted to be like the big girls and now she is one!
Wow the front flyaway is a huge skill, in fact I think way tougher than the regular flyaway. She must be thrilled at getting al the L6 skills. Congrats to her!

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