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DD got her BWO on high beam back today. :D She had it 2 years ago, then lost it last year, & since then, she's been thru a long saga of moving to a new State & new gym, going thru quitting jags & losing coaches & gaining new ones.

The new coach they have for beam has been very patient and helpful w/ her, just letting DD work on the skill, from low beam, to mid-beam, to high beam, and she finally did it today, unspotted, on the high beam :p. She said she is not scared of it anymore! Those mental blocks are toughies, but SO rewarding when they work THROUGH them!

Just want to say 'thanks' to coach Natalie, for not nagging DD about this skill, but rather, gently nudging her along & instilling confidence as she went. It's not that these girls dont' WANT the skill, it's that they are scared. Just being alongside them as they work it out is a very helpful way to assist.

DD feels really ready to compete L6 this Fall, & is loving gym right now.

We are off to the the FL Keys for a couple of days, to sit by the pool, relax, read, and summon the Cabana Boy when necessary :rolleyes:. Yay! :cool:
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Yea !!!! I am so happy for her. She must feel like a tremendous weight has been lifted. And I totally agree - when they are having a mental block, no one is more frustrated then they are. Putting pressure only makes it work - I'm glad she has coaches her are patient and let her work through it in her own time.

Have a great time at the beach :D
Woo hoo!!! Working through a struggle/ fear like that is a huge personal accomplishment. Not to downgrade the gymnastics accomplishment but being able to work herself through that is awesome and something she can use throughout her life. Good for her!
Thats awesome! It's great she worked through them without the nagging coaches. DDs have some of those:rolleyes:. Have a great time at the beach and remember...that I'm envying you!!;):D
That is so awesome for her! It isn't like she WANTED to be afraid of the skill. I think the approach her coach took was the way to go. Fear is often irrational, but it is still real. Congrats to her for overcoming it and to her coach for gently helping her over her fear.
That's so wonderful!! Your post brought tears to my eyes because I could totally hear the emotion in your words!! :tearsofjoy: I KNOW how proud you must be of her!!! She is very lucky to have an amazing coach like Natalie! To hear that she said that she isn't scared anymore of the skill is a great breakthrough!!! Congrats to her!! Yea!!!! :veryhappy: :thumbsup:
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OH MY Goodness! What Wonderful News!!!

Give that girl a big accomplishment..

Have a wonderful vacation and have that cabana boy bring you an Extra Margarita!!

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