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Ok, so I have a couple questions about profile stuff.

First of all, is their a way to upload video's of yourself doing gymnastics onto you're profile or anything?
If not, can you upload video's onto a post from your computer?

And also I am a member of the gymnasts group and the coaches group but when I write posts it either only says I'm a gymnast or a coach and not both. But i see a bunch of people with both of them showing (gymnast/coach) but I can't select both and I can't figure out how to do it.

I hope these aren't dumb questions:D

You can't upload videos to your profile; you can, however, upload them to youtube, and then link to them in your sig.

The people labelled as more than one thing are using custom titles; click on "User CP," click "Edit Profile," and scroll down to Optional Information. One of the things you can do is give yourself a custom title (unless this is a power reserved only for mods, which I don't think it is).

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