Coach not really Coaching?

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Earlier this year, our assistant coach left because of health issues with her dad (completely understandable)The head coach has stayed consistent but we have had a coach named ******** who has been there for the past couple months and she really isn't coaching us. She:

- talks while we are stretching then we get yelled at for being too loud by the head coach
- lets us chuck any skills we want so when I ask if I could begin to work on a skill I feel no confidence
- worst of all she never gives corrections, her only response was "its was good" or when you fall she is like haha as if she was fooling around with us instead of telling us what to do so we don't fall. After I show her a routine I have to ask where my legs bent, did I point my toes in my cast, etc. and sometimes she goes o sorry I don't remember or I wasn't paying attention.Also, I will ask her like why can't i land my ariel and she will responds I don't know just keep working on it. I am working really hard but because she is not giving corrections,my scores are still suffering.
What should I do I feel like I have to constantly ask her about X skill and ask her about common things that go to see if I did them wrong.

any advice ?
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My advice to you would be to talk to your parents, who can then talk to the owner(s) of your gym. Explain your experiences with her, and ask either to not be coached by her, or for her to be fired. If you do this, and for some reason or another doesn't work out, another option would be to switch gyms, but I don't recommend that unless you are very unhappy with your gym, or if you feel you would really be better off somewhere else without this coach, even if you do like your gym. if you do choose to go down this path, take very careful considerations before making any type of decision.

I encountered this same type of problem at my gym, and it was easily fixed with a quick email and talk to the owner of my gym, who made sure that my training group and I were no longer with this coach, or if so very rarely.

Good luck, and I hope I helped! :)

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