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I know there's another thread, but I can't reply in the parents' forum, so. I'll bite.

I'm confused by the answer in the other thread that the coaching board won't be for technical issues. I don't understand what it's for then.

As much as I like the idea of a private board to discuss perhaps sensitive issues, the only way I would do that is on a completely restricted private board where I personally knew everyone. I realize people are being approved here, but that doesn't make a lot of difference to me unless I actually know them.

I realize it is difficult to moderate a board because I've been a moderator on a gymnastics forum before. In that instance there was an adult board that members had to be approved into (no matter what their status was). So I can understand trying to moderate such that things of a sensitive nature are in an adults only forum. But I'm not sure I understand what the coaching board is for if not technical issues. It just seems kind of mysterious and secretive and I can't think of anything I would post anyway that wouldn't be hip drills?
Procedural change and conflict resolution questions are huge potential drama risks that I'd use a coaches forum for. Things happen, and sometimes a professional opinion from an outsider is a help. Low risk for misinterpretation and the advice you are looking for seems useful to me.
I guess, but I haven't really noticed a problem with parents on here. I can see how it could become an issue if people were worried about posting about their gym if they thought parents FROM their gym would see it.

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