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Check out our college gymnastics schedule page... use the filter on the page to find your favorite events.

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Talk about all your favorite college routines for the 2023 season here!​

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Haleigh Bryant with the 10.0 on vault!


We are going to try to centralize our women's college gymnastics talk in order to really grow it. If you are interested... post in this thread!​

How about this one? Crazy!

Freshman Nikki Smith took the AA against Michigan with a 39.5250!

My daughter and I watched that last night. We’ve always enjoyed Michigan, but MSU was *really* fun to watch. The commentary, was excellent, too. I wish the Big 10 Network televised more meets.
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We’ve always enjoyed Michigan, but MSU was *really* fun to watch.

Right... it's good to see some other colleges moving up.

The commentary, was excellent, too.

Yes... they are really trying to push gymnastics into the big time.

I wish the Big 10 Network televised more meets.

We are going to keep the college schedule updated with "watch" links so everyone can find the schedule and talk all right here on ChalkBucket!
Talk about coolness!

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That Michigan/MSU meet was fun. It was quite the contrast of a senior laden team versus an underclass person team. Michigan's title window is rapidly closing at least for a couple years. MSU will be a very interesting team in a year or two.
I actually hated the commentary at the meet. Olivia was ok but I can do less with the syrupy "B10 is one happy family,,,," comments and just stick to gymnastics. The guy was horrible. Production value of B10 meets are the worst. They never update scores, never show graphics to help viewers and camera angles and sometimes sound tend to be poor. Try watching a B10+ production where you just get the jumbotron feed, ouch! SEC is by far the best production value followed closely by Pac 12.
The Utah-Oklahoma meet was a bit of a bust. It was weird, OK seemed a little off but still almost broke 198. They are just soooooo good. Utah seemed like they didnt want to be there.
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I'm a little late here... but this is what we are going to start doing to the thread to divide it up into weeks.

Also... all the the "watch" links have been added to the college schedule for todays events. You can check it out below...

Was good night of SEC meets last night. Nice to see Kentucky and Arky pull out rare wins against Bama and LSU. Arkansas got some generous scores last night but still was the better of LSU. Kentucky put together a solid meet. I didnt get to see the Auburn meet, but I did see UF/Georgia. Florida just shy of the 198 mark, still playing with lineups though and they actually had 5 10 SV vaults. Georgia just not there, but can take some solace in hitting routines and showing some steady growth. Quite the contrast from the last 3 years.
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All of the "watch" links have been added to the schedule for today!

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