Crying in Splits?

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I really need to get my flat box splits for my beam mount, its for a competiton soon, i only have 2 weeks to get flat or i will have to do a squat on. :(

I asked if they would sit on me and they said next week, i knwo they will, and i know i will cry, but if i do they will get off. Its nice fo them but i really need to get this, i have spent 2 months and im not flat yet.

What should i do?
Would i look stupid crying?

Tasha xxxxxxxxx

I know it sounds silly, but try doing your splits without pointing your toes.

On top of that, go as far down as you can normally, squeeze your muscles tight (I know it hurts but only for a little). After squeezing for about 15 seconds, relax and try to go a little lower. Repeat as necessary, not doing more than 3 of these in a sitting.
How do you know you will cry? You will be surprised by how once your actually doing it you can resist the urge to cry. Practice your splits at home daily, but make sure you stretch. Honestly it's taken me about 10 months to get it to the ground, but then i'm not very flexible, at all actually. I practiced every time at practice and just last month i have gotten it down to the ground. If you are determined enough and you practice a lot( i only practiced 2ice a week) then you will get it.
I agree with ryantroop and Patrithang.
also, before over stretching (thats what we call it when coaches push us down) stretch really well. it helps alot
good luck!
Try doing over splits(one foot on a panel mat one foot off) and try to get as low as you can on there then try going to the ground.
I agree w/the last poster. Over splits are a good way to get your splits.
You could also try putting on some ankle weights (also works w/o weights)...lie on your back & slide your bottom up against a wall (legs will be together & straight up against the wall so you're in an L position)...then just let your legs open to straddle position against the wall. Just lie there for several minutes...then weights pull your legs down & helps to get that split a little faster. I did it this way when I first tried to get my split.
ok, i have cryed in splits when they have pushed me down. something i would try is oversplits. they have saved me and they r so helpful. o and when ur in splits, idk why but alot of my friends and i laugh when were in our splits even though it hurts and it helps. it also helps if ur talking to someone. just do things to keep ur mind off of the pain. this probably wont help, but it might!
Along with the above suggestions:
It helps my DD to stretch by standing tall, with feet pointing forward, and/or at 45 degree, and/or in 2nd position (180 degree heals touching). Bend only at the hip joint, and hinge forward as low as you can go. Keep your head up, your back flat, and your hips square. If done properly, you'll notice you wont get very far down - which is why this stretch is so effective. (you can wrap your arms around your legs and pull forward - but ONLY if you can do it with a flat back. ) Holding your feet at different angles engauges different muscle groups. Not just flexors and hamstrings - in one direction.

I would NOT recommend anyone "help" you stretch. Stretching should never never be so painful that it brings you to tears. If it hurts THAT much - your not stretching, but tearing -- and it could be connective tissue.

You'll surely cry a whole lot longer when you can't do gymnastics for an entire season due to a torn ligament.
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Try not to think about the pain i would hope you streching as much as possible at home.But if your in pain just think itll be over soon .And no you wont look stupid cring They know it hurts so it,s ok .Me an the girls at my gym try to lol about it whean there sitting on you so it hurts less in our minds lolzzzz .

good luck!!!
Oversplits are only useful if you can do splits or near splits. If you are gettting a response out of them and you are not near a split, it means your typical split form is shoddy and you are most likely bending your back knee, turning your hip out, or doing something funky.

Until recently I never believed in the partner stretching but I've taken to spending some extra time in stretching one of my boys. It has involved a bit of tears and a bit of pain and I am very careful using 4 sets of PNF. I just don't think he pushes himself enough or can push himself because he is so tight (whereas I can put more force on the stretch or leverage). He is ridiculously tight but on the other hand, pretty strong.

TimDad, thankyou for reminding me about stretching too much or hard in regards to connective tissue. At first it started out with stretching him out after a pulled hammy and now I've been working on his shoulders and hamstrings ( I think they inhibit his pike flexion and pike snap ability in leg lifts/V-ups besides pike compression in V-hang).

As RyanTroop said, stretching the splits while flexing the foot is typically a harder stretch rather than extending the toe point.

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