Parents DS got his kip!

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Just a brag....He got his Kip 3 times yesterday at practice!!! And in typical boy (8) fashion, I went to hug and congratulate him and he looked at me MORTIFIED!....Like it was NO big deal....He seemed to have really nice arms too....pretty straight!

Oh well, I guess I will just have to brag on the Chalkbucket!!!YYYYYAAAAAAYYYY

Good for him! He was the first one to get it!!!!
YOu hugged him in public, agh!!! LOL He was probably thrilled that you cared but in typical man fashion he had to shrug you off for his peers. Good for you for not caring.

Congrats on that HUGE skill, a kip is such a cool looking skill.
You know, that kip is a toughie!

CONGRATS to your ds - that is a big skill to get - such a combination of strength, timing, and sheer determination - and it leads into so much......I'm sure he is thrilled inside :)

WTG!!! That is a big skill and I know when my DS got his he was on cloud 9 for weeks. WTG

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