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does anyone have any good drills or preps for endo's on shiney or wooden?
The gymnast hoping to do one is still quite young so simple drills would be easier!!

Easy drill progressions on a shinny and wooden bar
Step 1- Front sole circles in pike and in straddle (1 for variation, 2 because this way you can identify weakness, such as poor flexibility, lack of compressions etc)
Step 2- Basket swings in pike and in straddle (good for stalders as well)
Step 3- Clear straddle forward sole circles (and backward for the stalder)
Step 4- Clear sole circle (lets say in straddle ) to straddle stand (straddle on position) on the bar, then jump or press to handstand.
Step 5- Do step 4 without the feet touching the bar and waalla.. easy (but hard) progressions for young kids.

These are basic drills. Start with Step 1 on the shinny bar, learn it, then move on to step 2 and introduce step 1 on the wooden. When you learn step 2 on the shinny move to step 3 and introduce step 2(but keep working step 1).. and so on. This way the kid progressively learn the skill without to much spotting.
There are of course other drills, and the technique to the drills is just as or more important then the drill themselves.
Good flexibility and a stalder roll press to HS are good pre-requisites.
Thank you very much these sound very useful! She can already do a stalder but we are hoping to include both in her routine fairly soon, i will introduce her to these techniques and see how it goes, im sure it wont be too much of a problem as she has incredibly strong shoulders for her age!

Thank you so much!!

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