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i am realy stuck with my front and back walkovers in my back walkover i cant kick over and in the front walkover i cant stand up.i have quite flexible shoulders( when im in bridge my shoulders are inline with my wrists) and when i do a kick over my left leg gets to vertical and my righ leg the one i kick off from gets to 90 degrees( half way to handstand) i can also do a front limber which is supposed to help a front walkover.
just keep working on them and you will get better!!!!! It works to ask a coach to spot you!!!!!!!!!!! Thats how i got mine and i have mine on the beam and floor, both of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(im a level 7 by the way)!!!!!!!!

Also keep working on that great shoulder flexibility!!!!!!!!!! It comes from that and your back!!!!!!!!

So ask your coaches to spot you and for more back and shoulder flexibility workouts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Performing them down an incline really helps to feel the skill out at first.

If you have access to a wedge mat, do it on there.

If you do not, you can substitute it by using a folded up panel mat, though I would not do the actual back bend motion (though the handstand kick over should be fine). The eleveated surface wall make it a little easier, and you can either move your way down the wedge to the floor, or slowly remove panels to make it more challenging.

Remember, gymnastics is about progression. Sometimes you pick up on the progression fast, others you need to slow the pace and teach yourself what to do properly.

Don't rush it, it will come! :-D

Good luck!!
Hey there! If you're getting stuck on the standing up part, here are a few tricks:
When standing up, think about pushing your hips up and forward. Straighten your bottom knee as you stand and lift tall. Straightening the bottom knee will keep you from falling forward. Try not to stop in the middle. If you have to, rock back and forth on your bottom foot and hands, keeping your other leg in the air. After a few rocks, you should have some momentum and be able to stand up. Just remember to lift your hips up and forward and straighten that bottom knee as you stand. Good luck!!
i had previosly worked on doing a bridge kickover it off mats i started on 3 then 2 then 1 and i can do it of just one 10cm mat but not the floor and i can also do the bending back into bridge fine
Keep practicing your bridge kickover and try to get it on the flat floor. Once you can do a kickover on the floor it becomes just a matter of getting used to doing the whole skill as one fluid motion and a coach can help you with that.
For the front walkover practicing it down an incline or off of a small height could help. Also, one thing that really worked for me but I have no idea why was keeping my second leg up as I was standing up. Whenever I would forget to keep my leg up, the walkover was really messy and it was hard to stand up, but whenever I focoused on not putting my second foot down too early it was easy to stand up. Also, make sure that you're keeping your arms by your ears the whole time (including when you're standing up). I know it's easier said than done, but it really helps.
These can be really discouraging if they are introduced suddenly. I like to have kids lay on their backs over a barrel and practice standing up even as they're learning cartwheels just to get used to the movement. Arms straight, squeezing the ears the whole time, etc. The barrel supports weight, but the gymnast has to use her muscles to stand up.

If that's too easy for you, there's another one with the barrel. For a Front Walkover, place your hands in front of the barrel, fingertips touching the bottom of it. As you do the kickover (over the top of the barrel) you're creating momentum, and this is what you want. Where things go wrong usually is not following through with that momentum by actively using your arms. Think of them as not only straight, but pushing against the floor. Obviously since you can't fly this means nothing when your legs are in the air! However when your foot touches the floor, if you aren't pushing through from the shoulder/arms then your momentum dies, the skill stalls, and suddenly you have to muscle your way up to standing rather than follow where your momentum carries you. MUCH harder. It's worth mentioning that the barrel will move forward as you do, don't freak out. It's a sign that you're going in the right direction!

The reverse is to stand with your back to the barrel and do you're back walkover. A common mistake in this drill is to have the arms too far forward in the backbend. If you can see your arms as you stand, they are too far forward. Push them back, and keep that tension as you bend back on the barrel or it will be difficult to support your weight through the kick over. This one should be easier than the front one since you're standing from a hollow rather than an arch through the back, more natural feeling. Still push through the shoulders so that you flow through the skill rather than have an exaggerated push of the hands off the floor as you stand.

I would do those until they become easy, then do them 100 times more. Do them on the wedge as well. If you have a spot, make sure the coach doesn't allow you to stall in the skill. With a spot you want to feel how it goes fluidly, not reinforce how it feels to fight your way through it.
Keep doing the kickover off a panel mat and gradually reduce the height of the panel mat. It's amazing the difference a couple of cm makes. I am re-learning these at the moment! I can do it fine on about 4cm of mat, but lower it down to 2cm and I've got no chance!!

As you kick over, really think about pushing your arm pits away from your feet.

Practice backward walkovers on a safety mat.

For forward walkovers - keep your legs split as much as possible, really push your shoulders backwards and your hips forwards. Keep looking at your hands throughout the walkover and practice off a raised surface.
One thing that really helps me for front walk overs is to remember to keep watch my hands when they're on the ground, then to keep my chin up, not ducked with my chin on my leo. This helps me to think about going forwards, which also helps me keep my hips forward and square. Hope this helps.
i really would like to get my back walkover by friday 8th may so what would i need to do on a daily basis( eg stretches and move to practice) to get this move by friday the 8th( the only bit of the walk over i cant do is the kickover as i cant do a bridge kick over but i can ben back into a bridge fine)
If you cannot do a kickover from a bridge, it's very unlikely you'll be able to do a back walkover. Using a back bend, some of that momentum can be tranferred to the bridge kickover phase, but this takes some skill to begin with. If you can backbend and really lean into the shoulders it will help the kickover if there is no hesistation.

You may still not be strong enough in your shoulder girdle to do the bridge kickover or it could be your lower back strength or active split flexibility ( how big of a split you can do while moving though the bridge kickover or from a hang on a bar ).

Practice from a 5cm mat. Basically one or two layers of a stacked panel mat.

Work front limber to a mat slightly off the ground and kickover back to lunge from that.
I have now got my back walkover but I am still working on my front walkover I can do it of a height but I have recenntly been working on my front handspring which I can now do with goo form
i need help 2! evrey time i try a front walkover i get a running start, do a handstand but fall on my back! i have already posted a thread on this called HELP!!!!walkovers or somthing like that.
i ve just got my front walkovers and what i found heled was beaing able to do a ticke tick with landing on one leg and not letting the other touch the ground

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