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gym monkeys mom

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In the spirit of the Holiday Season just thought it would be fun to make have a post about a few things we like and appreciate about our team coaches.

I know sometimes we do not all see eye to ey on things but who ever does.

So list away build up those coaches.

The thing I really appreciate about my DD's Coach

Coach T is very patient with the girls and sometimes they are not deserving of his patience but he still is patient with them.

Coach C you are a wonderful lvoing kind woman thanks for all you give up for out girls on team.

Coach A you are the bomb, calm put together and a great multi takser. You go girl!!!

Merry Christmas Coaches we really do love you guys and appreciate all you do for our gymnasts!!!
My dd's coaches are a husband and wife team, originally from Romania. They are both very patient and caring coaches. Fair but firm. Coach G would risk injury to himself to save our girls from a fall. Numerous time's I've even seen him fall into the pit to save someone. He may raise his voice sometimes but never in a demeaning manner. Coach O is firm but very loving with our girls, always open to give hugs and high 5's, when deserved. My dd loves her coaches and works very hard for them. I'd like to wish them a happy holiday and thank them for what they've done with dd.

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