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I teach rec and preteam classes at a small gym, preteam has 7 girls ages 7-11 whom I inherited from previous coaches (lots. I was their 4th coach in 6 months when I started in October). Talented girls, hard workers, I love them to bits.

And tonight, some stuff really clicked for a few of them. One of my girls has been one skill away from having all her L4 requirements for...ever...and...ever. Then she comes over to bars and just busts out front hip circles like she was born doing them. The same girl did several bhs in a row on tumbletrak. Kickin' rad, right?

So to keep the momentum going, another girl decided she can do her front hip circle, and can prettify her bhs, and climb up the rope with no feet. Twice. And another, who's had a terrible winter for illness, gets her backhandspring, handstand flatback, and a mill circle.

I just LOVE nights like this.
Wow that is awesome, don't you love it when the skills just click like that, just shows that all your hard work is working really well.

Keep up the great job, the kids must be thrilled with their new skills.
Those are the days coaches dream about and love. I had a group of 15 Level 4 team girls last year. Of them about 8 were missing the front hip circle. One day, it all just seemed to click, 6 of them got it that day, the other 2 within a week.

And that same group had the same thing happen when it came to learning kips. I remember we were having a christmas party and the girls where able to play around in the gym. There was a line at the 2 bars about 5 deep, one girl after another for about an hour just trying their kips. What happened, by the end of the night we had 6 new kips. We weren't asking them to do it, its a skill they wanted so badly that they took their free time to work on it. It was def a sight to see, and I've never seen my team with that kind of team spirit before. I felt like I was at a college meet.

I love when the team feeds off each other like that. It really makes the hard weeks while coaching worth it:) Congrats.
It really is amazing what kids can acheive when they have the right mind set.

I gave my boys a big talking to last week about mucking around and not working hard.

The last two training sessions they have really applied themselves and completely changed their mindset. What a differerence! In two training sessions they have acheived more than they acheived in 2 months.

Hope it continues!

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