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My Goodness, I'm on a cheering squad and our assignment is to be able to do a forward or a back handspring by the first of january. I've been trying for a week and still NO IMPROVEMENTS...I know what's wrong, I just don't know how to fix it...I have the momentum, I have the prep, I have the actual handstand but its getting up from the bridge that I can't get. Other members are getting these tricks before me and I feel like I'm dragging the team down. What makes matters worse is that I can do cartwheels, I can do handstands, I'm not afraid to get injured, but how is it that these other girls who CAN'T do cartwheels, CAN'T do handstands, are afraid to get hurt, can do the front handspring I don't get it!!! I'm frustrated and I don't know what else to do. I know I need to push up from the floor to get up but I just can't seem to do it...whether I go fast or I go slow. No matter how hard I run or how hard I flip, I just can't get up and I land on my back...I don't know how I can lock my elbows so I don't flop like a fish...any hints?:confused: T.T
Ok if you are trying to do a backhandspring first make sure you can do a back limber kick over with two feet. It is basically a back handspring without jumping. Once you can do that, get a spotter to spot you on backhandsprings until you feel totally comfortable with them, then try one yourself. Remember to jump up and back keep your arms straight Then pull your toes over and bring your chest up. If you follow all of these things, you will do a good backhandspring.

For fronthandspring you should be able to do a frontlimber then stand up. After you can do this, go for the fronthandspring with a couple running steps, then hurdle and put your hands down, then make sure you get a big block off the floor and pull your head in.
Hope this helps and let me know how you do! <3
I would look at your head position as you are standing up from the bridge position. You should be looking at your hands the entire time you are standing up so your head is always nicely aligned between your arms. Many gymnasts will tuck their chin to their chest which usually results in them landing on their butt. It should feel like the standing up movement comes from the chest - your legs won't move while your chest is standing up. As your upper body stands up, you'll see the wall behind you, then the ceiling, then down the wall in front of you.

You could try doing them down a wedge mat to make it a bit easier while you're getting the feel of this (although a wedge won't help much if you're still using incorrect technique!)

Are you doing a two-foot landing or a step-out? Stepping out can make it easier. It's a bit more like a walkover and you don't need as much power and block to make it over.
Well the thing is for my front handsprings, I just cant get my hands to stick to the ground. I can do it with a spotter but with out...well thats not so fun...I am told to push up with my arms to get up but how can I push up with my arms when I can't even keep my hands on the ground. From a bridge I can stand up but when I do the front handspring I just can't seem to glue my hands to the floor. I can do a bridge higher than most and I can hold it longer, I just don't know what else to do to make my hands stick to the floor...:confused:
Front handsprings/ Back

Hey. Okay when you're doing a front handspring make sure that you have enough power for it. Look at you hands when you spring from the handstand. It should help you ALOT. It also helps with front and back walkovers. I couldn't ddo the back/ front handsprins before , but i can now. My coach told me to keeep my eyes on my hands and stay concentrated. It helped.

For the back handspring dont jump up. Your motions should be at your shoulder height.

Dont forget to "pop" your shoulders when your doing both. It's VERY important that you do. Good luck:)
Everyone's given you some great advice, and i agree! As others have said--looking at your hands on front handsprings is key to successfully completing the skill, and you want to be quick on and off your hands. Also, on both skills, be sure to keep your shoulders open; by keeping your shoulders open it'll stop you from rounding your chest and pulling your chin to your chest. Do you have any videos of you doing the skills that you can post, so that we can help give you exact tips? Keep working hard and don't give up!
What do you mean by "popping" your shoulders? I tried looking at my hands it helped a lot...and i mean A LOT for once my hands stayed on the floor, and second i actually got the bridge however, as soon as i land i flop on by back...
You want to keep your shoulders extended while doing the skill--in other words, try not to sag in your shoulders.
well i wasnt competing for like 8 months and when i came back in my handspring on vault my arms were not locked my coach had us lock our arms and fall then push of a wall while standing and also doing pop offs on the floor. Also try using a cheese mat
I've been having some trouble with these lately too. My first piece of advice is this; make sure your hurdle is going long and low. Jumping straight up in the air won't do any good. Second, make sure your hands pop off the ground as soon as they hit. A nice drill for that is handstand hops (we do them mostly for vault, but it works the same way!). Finally, like everyone else has said, make sure you keep looking at your hands and keep your head back. Hope I helped, and good luck! :D

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