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Hello everyone

First, I have to ask what kind of forum this is. I clicked on one of your Google advertisements about helping you guys start a forum. Well, first of all, I have to say it looks pretty decent! Not bad at all...

However, did you purchase the software? If you didn't, you *could* use phpBB 2 or Simple Machines. They are pretty decent and free forum software and they're popular too!

But hmm... gymnastics. I'm not a very flexible person nor do I do any gymnastics at all. What can I do here? I am not a customer for I don't do any gymnastics and I live in Southeast Asia.
Good to see my Google ads are working

This forum software is vBulletin. I prefer it over phpBB and Simple Machines just because I know how to use it. Thanks for the compliment. I am going to create a gymnastics themed icon set as soon as I have some time.

As far as what you can can shop, post messages, add gymnastics links, and read gymnastics articles pretty soon.

Feel free to stop back often and tell your friends.

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Woah, that's cool - icon sets huh. Never made those before but I run a forum where my friends play pen and paper roleplaying games :) :) As well as my US History teacher.

Anyway, I work out at a gym but I don't know about gymnastics. I really want to be flexible but I guess my body's not built for that. But I guess I will be the only person posting (other than the admin) here?

I know it's very discouraging when nobody comes, yeah. Just like the forum I run for my friends. They register and don't post... just play at school and such. I mean, a forum is there so that you can discuss stuff online, yeah? Hmm... I guess people need to be geographically split apart for it to be efficient :p Like my friend who moved to Japan. He is the #2 poster and I, the admin of the forum, am #1. #3 is a girl who doesn't play roleplaying games with us.

Well, it's 11:07 PM over here in southeast Asia. Gonna go to sleep.

God bless and have a good day
People will come eventually.

Sooner or later people will register and post. We have lots of customers, but I guess they just shop and leave. We are going to start doing some print advertising in USA Gymnastics Magazine in Feb. or Mar. That should bring us some new customers and people who want to join the forums.

I just added an arcade so you would have something to do that doesn't have to do with gymnastics. I will be getting more games for it pretty soon.
Hehe, is it possible if you can post my username on it? Hahaha just a wish - I have never been publicized before except I was on the TV for about 5 seconds at a World Cup 2002 live feed at a meeting place. Several friends saw me and that's all.

5 seconds of fame... ahhh... :D

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