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Hi everyone,

My gym is trying to get together a system for skill tracking for recreational classes, and I'm looking for either methods of skill tracking, or skill tracking software, that work well for your gyms!

For our gym the software we currently use is JackRabbit, but from what I can tell, for its "Skills/Levels" software, you can only mark whether a gymnast has achieved a skill or not. It's a 0/1, all-or-nothing thing. Our current rating system when we fill out skill sheets by hand is Attempted, Learning, Proficient, and Mastered. From what I can tell, there's no way on JackRabbit to do gradients, where we can mark how far a gymnast is along in the process of mastering a skill.

What has worked for your gym, in keeping track of how recreational gymnasts are progressing based on filling out skill sheets? Is there software that you use, or have you found a method of using something simpler like Google Sheets to adequately track progress?

Thank you everyone for your help!
I worked for a gym that used studio director and I believe we were able to say mastered, in progress, add notes explaining. It was a good 7 years ago now though!
We use iClassPro - I really like the skill tracking feature. Here's an example of one gymnast's skill sheet:


We created progressions for all the stuff we want to track (tops abilities and xcel bronze routine scores), we mark all gymnast's progress every day on our own google sheet, then copy it over to iClassPro and the parents get a progress report for every class if their kid improved.
I know with IClass you can choose how many stars/labels you want from the management side of things.
From looking at the Jackrabbit promotional material they have a 3 tick option (started/tested/achieved). It would be worthwhile contacting them to see if it is possible to alter this criteria to match your clubs needs or equally given them a chance to improve their skill tracking options to stay up to date with their competitors.

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