Parents Help with NPR story on the challenges of boys' gymnastics?

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Hello! I'm a reporter at NPR (National Public Radio), and I'm working on a story about how much harder it is to find gyms for boys' gymnastics, and how men's gymnastics doesn't get as much attention, etc. (Cross-posting here from the MAG forum.)

I'm a former gymnast myself, and the gym where I went certainly didn't have any offerings for boys.

I've read some helpful threads on this forum already on this topic -- from parents struggling to find a gym for their boys, or who are are frustrated by the lack of offerings besides ninja classes, as well as from coaches explaining the reasons behind the limited boys' programs.

If any of these are you, get in touch! I would reach out to you but I don't see a way to do so. Please drop me an email at [email protected] with your situation and how to contact you. I'd also love to hear from the boys themselves, if they have struggled to stay in the sport. Thanks for considering!

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