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Well now that we have past States (just today) my DD placed 4th on Floor 8 years old, level 4 first year. Did well on other events, but did not place. Anyway, I have finally decided to call another gym closer to home. We live 30 min. from our current gym. Possible new gym 12 -15 min. My daughter is very happy at her current gym. I don't have much (if anyting) to complain about from this past year, but she will repeat level 4 (she only score 34-35 AA at the last 4 meets and states today), not bad, but I guess not good enough to move up . The coaches will be changing next year and they do not have very good experice. She will have a coach w/just this past seasons experience and a brand new floor team coach who has only taught rec. classes before. Anyway I was thinking this may be the time move closer to home.

What type of questions should I ask the new gym? I really need help with this. I think repeating 4 is fine, so that is not really an issue. I would appreciate any advice. Thanks.
How many hours for level 4 and level 5, their move up policy, amount of girls on team, monthly fees, meet fees/ extra costs, amount of meets per year, travel meets, any exhibitions/ presentations, expected parent involvement, policy on missing practices, how many groups are in the gym at once, etc.

A lot of it depends on how your daughter works best, what type of coach she likes, things like that.
Maddiekate gave you a great list. Many of these questions I would ask in person once dd has actually done a practice there. I don't know that I would ask about move up policy right off the bat----might want to ask about general team policies. Many gyms have a team handbook, so asking if you could have one to look over would be helpful.

Nail down all the financial issues up front----you don't want any surprises 2-3 months from now. Practice hours---summer and school year, number of coaches for the team, after they see dd--what do they see as goals for her? If you can get info on their booster club(if they have one) that is can give you alot of info. If you're still undecided after a trial practice, go back and watch a practice(without dd) and see what you think.
I think all the questions were covered. I would definitely sit and watch the whole practice and talk to the moms as well. I learned a lot just listening to them talk and talking with them.

Definitely be sure you want to change gyms before doing it. It was a pretty difficult thing emotionally for us to do and though I am happy we did it, it was not easy.

Good luck!
I can't say that I like this policy, but our gym has an age limit and an 8 year old (to be 9 next year, I assume) competing level 4 doesn't cut it. Our level 4s are 6 & 7. We might have an 8 year old doing level 5 for the second time, occasionally, but rarely. So, my first question would be to call and ask if they will accept an 8 year old to their level 4 team.
I have unfortunately been at a number of gyms, and my parents always asked about the coach: gymnast ratio; the owner's and coaches' philosophies regarding competition and training new skills; current highest level at the gym; how many of their girls are in high school (and then compare it to the number of young compulsory kids-- caveat: this works best on an older gym (10+ years) that has had time to establish an optional team); have any of their girls received scholarships (if so, where and when?); their philosophy on gymnastics vs. school (what do they do if kids have a lot of homework one night-- although this is more relevant for a high schooler); do they encourage gymnasts to participate in extra activities (and if so, what if it conflicts once a week, or if the gymnast will be late to practice?); and typical conditioning/flexibility (how much, how often, how long)? I'm not sure how to word this, but you could also ask what they hope gymnasts will learn from being on team, and what they think gymnastics can teach kids. (Sorry, that was worded really badly).

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