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DD #1 had a report time of 4 pm today, after a full day at school. They finished just before 9pm, and we went out to dinner w/the rest of the team, which the girls thoroughly enjoyed.

There will not be any video as DD asked me not to tape her tonight.

FX - new routine got revamped b/c DD had too much in it and she was way too tired to do her whip pass, so she took out her aerial and valdez and some other stuff in the middle. She got 8.6 with a SV of 9.5. We're not sure why 6 of our 7 girls had a lower SV. Hopefully the coach asked!

Vault - after DD swore there was no way no how she was going to do a Tsuk because she hates this gym (Rutgers) and this is where she got hurt the last time, I was surprised to see ALL of the girls warming up tsuks. 8.65 - 6th place.

Bars - hmmmm the girls were unsettled to have a former coach as judge but DD surprised me again by putting her pirouette. Her touch-warmup was nice, but she fell out of the handstand (feet didn't touch the floor, so what kind of deduction would that be???) went up again and made it on the 2nd attempt. Her giants looked better but still not great. SV 10 - score 7.0 :( This was the first meet that she has started at 10, so I was proud of her for putting in everything she needed.

Beam - brandy new beam routine but it looks much nicer than the old one, LOL. She got her connection but fell after her feet touched. 8.0

AA - last in her age group, but not lowest on her team or in the meet and she did her personal best on vault this season :D
Nice to have the personal best and also to compete the TSUK when she had demons to battle. What was with the bar score?

Isn't it fun to go out after a meet?
Kudo's on the tsuk! Those start values are weird, huh. I can never figure them out, and they seem to get weirder the higher up the level.

One of our coaches said to the girls after their last meet (after one of them was bragging about placing 1st AA to him) that he wasnt' actually interested in how they placed - what he wanted to know was if they had achieved their personal goals and if they felt good about the effort they had put in. Love that guy!

Great job on the personal best - vault! And kudos to her for throwing everything she had at them in her bars and for doing the tsuk.
Yeah for dd for getting personal best on vault - good for her! Wonder what is up with not only her floor routine, but basically the entire team - very strange.

Still waiting to hear about the Sectional - GL to your dd!
Good for her going for it and doing her vault even though she was scared of it at that gym!!
It's good to always focus on the personal accomplishments. It's not always about getting the best score and winning. Victory comes in many forms. Congrats on the vault!.

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