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If this thread is in the wrong place please move it and sorry ;)

Basically I want to do Human Flag.
I never done gymnastics, I am doing weights for about 4 years now and decided that I need some functional goals rather then vein ones like to look big:D
Time frame is till the end of this year.
My workout schedule is.
stuff like Turkish get ups, body rows with legs vertically in the air, pull ups, dragon flyes, rollouts with a bar, pressups with arms by hips etc. This i repeat on Thursday and Saturday and I do many different exercises, i will post them later on as I write everyday on other forum.
Tueasdays and Fridays I lift weights, Dead Lift/Squat, bech press, pull ups, shoulder press, arms.
On weight days I lift at least my body weight [90kg] for legs/back/chest, 50% for shoulder press, 30% for arms, but I think I need more than 100% so I have increased it by 10%.
Also Wednesday I do run for 30 to 45 minutes and I am teaching spinning on Monday and Tuesday.

Any tips to how to do human flag, specific drills?
Please help guys!
I just kept doing them till I got it... Pull with the top arm, post (or push) with the bottom. Just stop if it hurts.. I don't think I did anything special...

Good luck!

that makes sense ;)
I do them once evry week and I can hold it up till 45 angle for like few seconds :mad:
Also I started working on training rings, chest flyes, holding on then lowering your body down and back up.

Thanks for reply, any other suggestions welcome!
Definitely easier on a set of stall/swedish bars than a pole.

I worked it by kicking from the side to an inverted candlestick position and lowering to a straddled flag. Best I can do on a pole but on stall bars I can hit straight horizontal.

I'd reccomend body lever work, wide arm HS and wide arm pullup work.
What WIDE ARMS HS means?
which are the primarly working muscles on human flag? all around core muscles, shoulders, triceps? gluteus medius?
When I think Wide Arm, Japanese, Y- Handstand; I think one fist away from the floor ideally to get credit.

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