Coaches Hyper Extension in the elbows

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I was just wondering if anyone else has experience with a gymnast with hyper extension in the elbow, my sister has it severly in one arm, but dislocated the other (not related to gymnastics) so it has gone away slightly in that arm, her handstands have became lopsided and she is finding it hard to control certain skills

I have some exercises to help reduce hyper extension, has anybody got any others? It would be a great help

My sister also has ozgoods slaghters, could anyone tell me more about this and whether it can be fixed or not?

Many Thanks

Osgoods tends to occur when children are around 10 - 13 years old and are growing. It is sport related. You can buy straps that lessen the pain. Cho Pat makes some, you can buy them online in the UK. There are many good excercises that will help, perhaps her GP can refer her to some kind of sport therapist. Icing two or three times a day will help too.

Good luck.
I'd like to know what to do about kids whose elbows hyperextend as well. I have a couple who have trouble with floor and vault because when their arms are "locked," they aren't straight, and they get injured frequently. What's the best way to combat this?

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