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Wellll I took a quiz on a website about hypo and I scored 37, which is 17 above normal :(

It would explain a lot (hunger, poor memory, trembling, anxiety, depression and insomnia among other things), but I was wondering what effect my gymnastics would have on it and vice versa? Like what should I be eating and how much of it? Just general advice I guess? :confused:

Hypo is a condition where the pancreas secretes too much insulin, leading to low blood sugar. Basically it panics because of all the junk we eat in america :warped:

So you wind up with not enough sugars and a craving for sweets (and food in general, but specifically sugar), but then you eat the sweets and your pancreas goes all crazy again. Fun :cool:
I wouldn't totally believe those for self diagnosis however if you are experiencing these symptoms you really do need to see a doctor, especially if it is interfering with everyday life, it can still have the same outcome of diabetes when left untreated

Now, when you exercise, your body basically just shreds through insulin as well as calories, which leads to the light headed feeling, shakies that you get when you don't eat enough before exercise. Have some OJ with you to be on the safe side, and have a light meal before you go work out, concentrating on your complex carbohydrates. It will give your body the extra fuel to burn. But please, PLEASE, make a trip to the dr, it really is very simple to have your levels tested, always better to err on the side of caution, especially concerning something as serious as your insulin levels being out of whack
I agree with Nicci! Please go see a doctor and have this checked!
I have hypoglycemia, and I would definitely say to get it checked by a doctor. They have a test now that can check your blood sugar levels for the last few months. It's a simple blood work test.

If your test shows that you do have it, the doctor will give you a list of foods and drinks to avoid.

The main thing is: Lower your intake of sugar and carbs. Eat 3 small meals and snacks in between. If you drink cokes, they need to be diet, caffeine free b/c the caffeine heightens your body's awareness of the low blood sugar symptoms. Sugar free everything.

Please go see a dr. b/c this can be VERY dangerous if not controlled. Your sugar could drop so low that you could pass out, later turn into diabetes or worse.......diabetic coma.
Talk to your parents & see a doctor if you think you've got any medical condition. There are a zillion conditions that can cause the (rather vague) symptoms you listed-which is how self diagnosis websites scare people & sell things. Some of them are serious, some not so serious. Most can be easily tested for.

If any of my gymnasts had hypoglycemia I'd want a doctor's note & a written note with any limitations or, for example, if they had to eat at any specific interval or if XYZ was happening, as well as doctor or parent's note of what to look for that indicated my athlete needed to take a break/have some OJ or peanut butter/whatever (same for other medical conditions. Better an overprepared coach than one blindsided).

Get yourself checked out.
I haven't had the symptoms as much in the past few weeks. Just insomnia and anxiety really. It comes and goes :/

I told my mom about it a couple of times but she always just looks at me funny and tells me to stop using the internet so often and you can't trust everything you read blargh blargh blargh.

I don't like talking to my parents about it because they are paranoid about the state of the medical world (I don't get shots) and they think I am gullible when it comes to the internet. I practically had to beg to get my wrist checked out when I sprained it last spring. They think everything can be fixed by an "energy treatment" and my Mom is convinced I am just "scrambled" and need to have my aura turned upside down or something nutty like that.

I'm not sure what OJ is, but I am allergic to peanuts.
What's a diabetic coma?
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Orange Juice. When people who are diabetic have very low blood sugar Orange juice is a fast way to give their body sugar.
Basically put, a diabetic coma is when your body goes all wacky from such low blood sugar you go into a coma. A real coma, where people can die. OJ is orange juice, very good for raising the sugar back up(again, have some at the gym with you). If you're having that much of in issue with your mom, talk to your dad, school nurse, coach, someone who will listen. There is no reason if you're healthy, to be suffering things such as low blood sugar-though on occasion it does happen to a healthy person too, when they have not eaten at all, or eaten enough- insomnia and anxiety. Insomnia is NOT a normal condition, and anxiety, after it hits certain points, is not normal either. Bottom line, you NEED to see a Dr. A real one. Fixing your aura is NOT going to fix something wrong with the mechanics of your body. Don't get me wrong, I do believe in the holistic approach to medicine, and there is a time and place for it, and maybe that will work with the insomnia and anxiety(anxiety can cause insomnia, ie: you're anxious that there might be something seriously wrong with you, therefore you have a hard time falling asleep at night, causing the insomnia). Please make your mother listen, or talk to your school nurse or coach. This should not be a persistent problem!!!

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