Just returned to training, need some tips

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Hey guys, my first post here!
First off, I'm an acrobat, not a gymnast, however I do coach gym at my local YMCA for young children. I recently started training again, although I fear my technique is now very questionable...
I was looking for three things really, and I would really appreciate it if you guys could help since I'm currently without a coach:

1. Are these drills appropriate/worth doing?
2. Given my current skill level, what other drills could you recommend?
3. What am I doing wrong/where can I improve?

YouTube - Tricks

Thanks for taking the time to watch, it's only short :)

p.s. please don't leave comments like "you're bending your arms in your handspring", I can see that, I would prefer tips on how to fix it :)
Improving strength would probably be really helpful!
Will you have to do these on the floor or will you keep doing them on a mat?
Sorry, Im not an acrobat, I dont know what you guys have to do.
Well, ideally I want to transfer them to the floor,
as far as strength goes, I'm doing lots of conditioning, but I'd like to know of any more drills that would help develop the right strength/technique,
thanks though!
On the front handspring, it would really help you to reach far in your hurdle. It looks like your almost putting your hands too close to you. Good job on the skills!
Try to keep your body tighter, make sure your legs are together, that will help your form, and the better your body positions are, the less strength the tricks will require. Be careful if you are going to take them to the ground, your wrist and ankles will feel it!

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