kick up around the bar ????????HELP

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im 14 average-ish weight and started gymnastics very late ......... im trying to get my kick up around the bar at the moment but im having major problems i did it once then lost it then did two then lost it agin the bar is almost (ALMOST !!) at the lowest piece .........when i couldnt do it i didnt understand how i cud kick up and mamage to get my hips to the bar ....and i still dont ....then i miraculasy got it and when i nearly got it everyone yold me to bend my arms.......... HOW ???????????im too weak im sure ........what can i do please help me !!!!!
Keep trying

See it takes practice and strength what you do is continue trying to do the kick and you will build the necessary muscle for the skill. Also you need to keep your chin to the bar and follow your toes. It takes for stomach muscles but I'm sure you will get it.

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Try to keep your body as close to the bar as possible. This starts off with training the flexed arm hang. When you can hold the flex arm hang about 10 seconds, start trying to do while keeping your legs piked. If piked requires too much ab strength, try tucked; and attempt to hold it for 5 seconds. Practice about 5 of these a day.

Doing pullups and bar leg lifts will help a lot but if you aren't strong enough to do them do pullups where body is horizontal. Have someone hold your legs or hold the bar with your body at a diagonal and pull to your chest. You can also put your feet on a block and practice pulling to your chest. At home, if you put a broomstick on two sturdy chairs or benches, get underneath and practice these horizontal pullups.

If you don't have a bar to do hanging leg lifts, simply lie on your back and practice lifting your toes off the floor to your head. If this is too hard, tuck all the way into your chest; then extend your legs to the ceiling and lower them down to the ground ( don't let them slam on the floor ).

Eventually you'll be strong enough to hold yourself close to the bar and pull your legs over without a jump or step from a lunge into the kickover.

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