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DD qualified for states yesterday. She had an overall good day, but the most exciting thing was her bar routine. She has struggled on bars since she started competing. Today, I was so proud of her. She has been working to connect her low bar. Her shins have been so bruised from falling and banging her legs while trying to connect the kip to the squat on. But she kept trying and trying and trying. She did the kip squat on a few times last week during practice, but never during the routine. (but making progress). Then Fri at practice I saw her do it in just the low bar part of the routine. I was so excited for her. (she only was able to do it one time).
Now on to sectionals, I thought maybe she should not try and connect it and play it safe as you need a 32 to qualify for states (not exactly a high all around, but when you are getting a low 7 on one event, it kills your AA). She said if it feels good, I am going for it! So I held my breath and crossed my fingers and she did it. The whole routine was by far the best she has ever done. She was so excited. That very moment when she landed the fly away was the whole reason we do gymnastics. To struggle, work hard and find a way to do it! The look on her face was priceless. She said she had a huge smile on her face while jumping to the high bar.

To finish the story,,, the scores on bars were very low and she only got a 7.55. She was disappointed with this. We talked about it and I told her what is important is not the score, but that she knows how good she did. How I really feel is that she was RIPPED off! It was a very nice routine. Casts are too low, but straight arms on all the kips, much improved tap swings and IT WAS CONNECTED!!! I am sure the judges would have given her a full extra point bonus if they new the story behind this rountine.. haha

The rest of her meet was good. 8.6 vault, 8.85 beam and 9.0 floor (5th place).

PS- I forgot to mention that this week she also came home and said she did a straddle cast to handstand. Maybe she is going to become a bars superstar!!
What a wonderful tale of triumph, such a great moment. It is very tough when the judges don't feel the sme way, my dd's last meet was just the same, we have had a judge lookover her routine and she couldn't find the deductions. SOmetimes it is just painful!

Great that she has qualified and that she did it with style. Nice news on the cast handstand. It is amazing how they can excel in different areas when something just clicks.
That was a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing! Sucks sometimes when they do their best and still get a score that doesn't seem fair. It is hard for them to understand that it isn't the score, especially when so much depends on their scores. Very confusing for these girls for sure.

Good luck to her at States!!!! :D
Honestly, I don't get it either and I am an adult. When the score was flashed everyone sitting around me said "who's score is that".

Last meet she did not have a good bar routine. She hit her feet on the ground after the free hip and lost momentum ending up in a very ugly kip and stop in the routine before the squat on and she got a 7.35. Now at this meet no stop, no hitting feet, no bent arms. It is hard to explain to an 11 yo.. Anyway, short of going into therapy, I need to get over this and get on with my life! (yes, I am obsessing)

Oh well!
Congrats to DD for qualifying for states!!! Don't even try to figure out the will just drive yourself insane!!! One thing I've found over the DD's scores are usually lower at sectionals then any other meet of the season. Has anyone else had this experience??? I've just started chalking it up to a "weeding" process. But DD always does much better at states then she does at sectionals, go figure. Hope it works out the same for your DD! You'll have to let me know...I'll be curious to find out. Good Luck to her at states!!!:D
Sounds like a future bars star to me:D We were at a sectional yesterday and I happened to be standing close enough to a girl who had just had one of those moments. She finished with a season high on floor and as her coach added up her scores....she also qualified for states. It was easy to get caught up in their excitement

Congratulations and don't worry too much about that score. I've been to seven L6 meets this season and I can count how many bars scores above a 9.00 on one hand. If between now and states she can get that cast up, she'll see a HUGE jump in her score. There are 3 casts in the L6 bar routine at .3 each so you're basically starting out at 9.100


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