Parents Last L6 meet report.....I promise

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Good Job, but doesn't she still have states..... there should be one more post and video!!!!!:) Right?
That's what I was gonna say, you beat me to it;)! Congrats to Elizabeth on another great meet! Way to go on the vault:D! And good luck at states!!! When are they???
Thanks, I don't think you'll have to twist my arm too hard;) Elizabeth's states are in two weeks, 70 gymnasts in her session (all 11 y.o's) so far and she starts on beam:eek: Wish us luck, we're going to need some, it's a very strong field in her age group. Top 3 in anything will be a real accomplishment.

Never give up, never surrender!!!

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As always, she is amazing to watch! Congrats on a great meet and Best of Luck at States....her competition should be very nervous!!
I always say it, but it is always true. She is a beautiful gymnast to watch. Makes those compulsory routines her own, for sure. Can't wait to see her at States. I am sure she will do great!
nhgm, vault has been her nemesis. She's really excited about the win, but more importantly, she's getting confidence that she is finally figuring it out.

Thanks everyone, I'm really impressed with the fight in this girl. She's got some real spunk. I'm never surprised when she has a personal best in the last rotation, she's really learned how to 'compete'.
She looked great (as usual :)) on all her events. Congrats to her on another successful meet! She's going to rock States, count on it! :D
Way to go Elizabeth 1st pl vault!!!You never could post to many vid's she is such a beautiful gymnast to watch.GOOD LUCK @ STATES!!!
Oh man, she hurt her foot again. It's about three shades of blue and swelled up like a grapefruit. Headed to the dr this afternoon, but it looks like the same injury, a bad bruise. She should be able to compete states, but we'll have to try and manage the swelling before, during and after the meet and no more practice.

On the bright side, hopefully this will take the pressure that she's feeling off and she'll be able to go out and have some fun and just do the best she can.
Oh noooo!!!! I'm so sorry to hear DD is injured:(!!!! Her states are this weekend right? I'm sending all the "speedy healing" fairies her way! I know states are imortant to her...but her health is the MOST important. I hope the doctor has encouraging news...but please follow the doctors advice whatever it maybe. Good luck! Hope she's feeling better soon!
Awww man--that stinks!!! I am sending all the get well fairies also! Do a lot of warm epsom salt soaks for her foot--they work WONDERS!! For Dani's injured thumb right before States, I soaked her hand in the epsom salt solution for 20 min and then iced for 20 min and then soaked again...this combo really worked and seemed to speed the healing. Good luck and hopefully she will ROCK states!!!
Thanks, keep sending those fairies our way. MdGM, I totally forgot about the epsom bath. Thanks for that. GJM, we're definitely going to go with the dr's advice, but we're pretty sure it's just a bad bruise and there's no structural damage. This seems like the same recurring injury that acts up from time to time. Elizabeth was more concerned about the blood blister on her hand than her swollen foot. She's learned how to deal with the pain and doesn't complain about it until it gets bad.

As of right now, and unless the dr. tells us different, she is planing on going to practice this evening. DW who is generally very conservative about these things is ok with it as long as it doesn't get any worse. We know from past experience that it isn't going to get any better over the next few days. All we can do is try and minimize the swelling.

Thanks for the get well thoughts.
OH man, that really does stink!! I sure hope she feels better quickly!! These foot/ankle injuries are the worst.... you almost think that if it was just a clean break, they could heal, get over it and move on!!!

Yes, at least she's going to states, and she has already proven that she's a fantastic gymnast.

Hopefully after States, she can take a break and rest that foot! We have 3 gymnasts who've been battling this demon and hopefully right now they can heal w/o aggravating their injuries and then get ready for summer training. It IS a tough sport!
Great news!!!!! The doc said it looks worse then it is, just a bad bruise. Also said the swelling should go down in another 24 hours. He said she's ok to practice, just not to go to crazy with it.

I took her to practice and stayed to watch. She showed no signs that it was bothering her at all. Luckily, they worked on bars/floor/beam and no vaulting. Afterwards, she said it only hurts if something touches her foot. This morning the swelling was down and the bruising is looking much better.

Thanks for the fairies, it looks like she'll be feeling 100% for states:)
Oh my I missed this update, poor kid. SOunds like things are looking up though. Good luck to her for States, do you get to go somewhere nice for it, should be a sunny weekend.
Never a dull moment Bog:D, but she's handled it great. We're leaving tomorrow for waaaaay upstate. The meets in Rochester. I think there's a big lake close by and some nice weather would be awesome. We're bringing the fishing poles and bathing suits just in case.

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