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My daughter keeps complaining that when they are practicing her floor routine that her coach wants her to do it without the music. I was just wondering is there any reason for this, she will be competing in just a few weeks.
Not sure the reasoning, but that is how it is at DDs gym. They rarely do it with the music. I have no experience with routines or dance, so who knows. I am interesting in the answers, too.
DD's gym learns the routine about a third at a time without the music. In fact they had not done the routine with the music until about a week and a half before the first meet. I was a wreck, especially after the first couple of attempts. But by the time the meet came along they were fine.

I think the reasoning is to be able to learn the moves and positions without the distraction of the music.

I think it is normal the way they are doing it. Maybe you could let her coach know that it seems to be stressing her a little.
Both gyms we've been at teach the floor routine without music---usually break it down into 1/3s so the girls really get the technique and dance down, then add the music a few weeks before competing. Its very similar to what I've experienced in figure skating and marching band---learn all the elements first and then add music.

My gymmie has her new optional floor routine and the choreographer stressed NO music(other than to listen on her iPod). She wants her to work on the dance only until as she put it, "its just like walking down the street----you're no longer standing there thinking about it." She'll watch her in a few weeks and if the dance parts look good without music then will give the go ahead to work sections with music and adding the tumbling.

I've seen if the music is added too soon, they get confused, try rushing or slowing down to stay with the music and its very frustrating.
At my DD's two previous gyms, they all learn the routinew with out the music. As a previous poster noted, our gyms also teach the routine in thirds! It really does come together very nicely once the whole routine is learned and they finally add the music!
When we learn our routines, we always do it with the music. But when we are practicing, one of the coaches rarely lets us use music... he says its because it takes too much time to change music, because we are optionals. I dont understand it...
Okay I am glad I mentioned it seems very common that they learn without the music. I have alot of faith in her main coach this year and I was really wondering about this. Maybe now I can relax and just let the coaches worry about the teaching!!
Okay I am glad I mentioned it seems very common that they learn without the music. I have alot of faith in her main coach this year and I was really wondering about this. Maybe now I can relax and just let the coaches worry about the teaching!!

If it helps I was totally stressed out 2 weeks before DD's first meet when they had not put it to the music yet, but they were fine after about 4 or 5 tries.
Alex's gym learns the routines without music that way they get the timing down without being distracted by the music when they mess up. Her coach explained it to me this way. They learn the routine using an 8 count and they can start over and over and over until it is second nature. Then when they add the music it all just comes together nicely. Seems to work pretty good. I was also stressed out thinking that they needed that music.
I thought I would offer a little coaches input

When teaching the routines at my gym we teach with and without music. Without first in small sections then we put it to music in small sections then all together with and without music.

For general practice we do it all kinds of ways
The week before a meet always with the music
Any other time it can vary: with no music, with music, with some one elses music

The reason for the variety in my opinion is to know your routines inside and out. If the stereo breaks mid song you should be able to finish your routine with out music. If you dont have the right music for some reason you should be able to make it work. For compulsaries what if the new music is the only option for some reason and the gymnast only ever learned it to the old music. If you can do your routine to whatever comes on or doesnt come on then you really know all the little movements and technical parts of the routine.

It also mixes things up a little. Our compulsary kids get a kick out of trying to do the routines to a different theme music, we put on everything from coutnry to musicals and they have to make it work.
Our team does both. My understanding is without music is easier to concentrate on the skills themselves without being concerned about tempo. Fine tuning all the individual skills is where deductions are saved. Being a little behind the music is only one small deduction. (.020)
have her practice it at home with music, just doing the beginning of her routine. then have her do that part without the music, then move on to the next few part until she learns all the parts without the music. my coaches do this too, it helps you memorize your routine in case you get behind your music, you will know what to do. it teaches you to not rely just on your music.
Hope this helps!
We also work routines in parts, with and without music, and with someone else's music (but not as often). It is just to use another of many tools to memorize routines. No music allows attention to detail without having to "keep up" with the music. I don't know if her coach does it, but wait until she experiences "arm routines" for the first time. I started this on beam and floor this last summer with all my levels, except the Level 3's. It's comical at first to watch them try and isolate just arm movements from something choreographed with the entire body, but it really has improved our attention to arm detail and finishing.

From a coaches POV - I teach my gymnasts without music at first purely because they get distracted! They listen to it first so they know what it sounds like and can get a feel for it, but When I start teaching it, the music goes off.

I also break it down into thirds, and get all the niggly things like what I want them to do with their head, arms and legs (all our levels have optional music) Then when they can do it without me reminding them, we add the music. I nonrmally show them once with the music before they do it so they can get the timing, then they shadow me, then they do it on their own.

I don't like to leave it too long before adding the music though - this is because some parts of the dance can be easy without the music, but add it and it suddenly becomes tricky because it might have slighly different timing!

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