Parents Meet Season 101: The Ultimate Guide

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I'll never forget, at the first meet I ever attended, before my child was even competing, I saw a man walk up and lean over the barrier to yell "point your toes" to a girl competing on the beam. Even as a parent of a preschooler on preteam I knew that was bad form!

I enjoyed the article! If I were to add anything it would be to inform new competitive gymnastics parents that they should set up a meeting place with their child or tell their child to stay where they are after awards because they may not have any real supervision at that point.
Great article! Very useful info for new parents.

I'd also add that parents should not contact meet directors. I assume most gyms tell parents this but maybe not. If you need info, contact your coach.

Try to go to a meet when your dd is on pre-team so she can see what it is like. I took mine to our gym's home meet to watch the level 3 team compete.
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"Never talk about another gymnast or team while you are sitting in the stands."
The 2 exceptions I can think of are,
1 - if a gymnast gets injured, it is ok to express concern for him/her.
2 - If you are expressing positive comments/compliments.

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