oh the fear of backhandsprings

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so i have this reacurring fear of backhandspings. its something i've learned to deal with, but its still annoying. at first, it started with being scared of tumblingo. then i got scared of bhs on beam. then i even got scared of a bhs on the floor. i got everything i needed for competition though, and i managed to tumble properly and do a bhs by myseld on the hugh beam.

however, now that summer has taken it's toll on my gymnastics, i feel like this fear is creeping back up on me. i am starting to become nervous for a standing bhs on floor. and i want to go level 8 next year! its crazy. i know in my heart that i can do it, that i've done it a million times. so i swing to go, but then 70% of the time i'll stop mid-swing. the more times i give-up mid-swing, the harder it is for me to go again.

it is so agrivating! when i come home from gym i'll try to do a few bhs on my backyard trampoline. it helps me a bit but i'm still nervous to go back to the gym. i've had a week off and i worry that when i get back my bhs fear may have doubled. i'm not sure what it'll take for me to go, even just on the floor.

i know that i need to trust myself. if a coach, or even a teammate stands next to me, i know that i can go. but when i'm alone i freak myself out. i know that the more bhs i do without stopping in the middle, the easier it'll get. i know this cuz i have gone through it before. i try tactics like counting 1-2-3 go or visualizing right before i go. sometimes they work, sometimes they don't.

i was just wondering what are some people's tactics for dealing with this kind of fear and helping your brain trust your body again. anything that you think may help, or how you dealt with this would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
Fear is frustrating..... But trust me, you WILL get over this! It takes time..

Something that has helped me a lot lately is when you are standing there, waiting for your turn.. Or standing on beam getting ready to go.. Those "bad" thoughts pop in your head and you think of all the ways to get hurt, and all the things that could go wrong... And you tell your self, "Its ok, Im ok, I can do it." No matter what the thought is still in there, and your mind is BLOCKED! No way can you go now!
Well.. I found an article that helped me alot.. Its generally for athletes with post dramatic stress disorder, but it works for fear in general.
Say you are on the beam, about to go and the thought, "My hand might slip and I could break my neck." Pops into your head, DO NOT try to fight it!! Simply just start "beeeeeping" in your head.. Like a machine would beep.. It sounds confusing but just beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppppppppppppppppp beeeeeeeeeeep beeeeep bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbeeeeeeeeeep..... The though is seriously washed out! Its amazing.. You will find it really helps.

Do tons of bhs on mats, down wedges, then put it on the floor.. and then on the low beam with panel mats, and soon just the low beam, then take it to high beam: Stack the mats up so they are beam height, and move them out 1 by 1, as you are ready!

You WILL get over your fear... Good luck! ;)

Also, I heard with fear... If you try moving all the main mulches in your body, before you go it helps your mind regroup! Pretty crazy.

Sometimes I eat lots of candy, soda, and listen to loud music before gym (practically party) and for some reason those are the days I learn new skills without fear... Its like your are just so stupid at that time, you cant think about it.
thanks so much for those tips iJaide! i will try them all. i know what you mean when you say don't finght the bad thoughts, because that it what i have been doing. i'll try beeping them out. hope it works! also, i love the idea of havin a bit of a party before gym. then i won't go in worrying so much and already feeling bad.
wow did i post this in my sleep or something? I have had troubles with the dreaded bhs all my gym life, but unlike you i gave up on bhs. i do ro and train fhs on beam to compensate for a flight element and just for get the bhs on floor, im telling you this because i know how you feel. Its hard to overcome the fear, but repetition is essential, even if you are just doing a standing bhs on floor dont balk on it; if you raise your and swind you HAVE to follow through.

I agree the cheese mat, panels, and all the rest said above, the cheese is my best friend, so i highly sugest it for repetition.

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