Podium Training tonight!

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Hey, for all you Olympic Gymnastics addicts out there like me, who can't wait for this thing to start, you can watch Men's & Women's podium training tonight, on NBC Olympics.com!

Here is the link to the info:

NBCOlympics.com - LIVE: Men's gymnastics tonight

Gonna be late for me, since I am on Eastern time, but I'm going to try & stay up, to catch it live. Hope these old eyes can remain open! :eek:
Ooh, bummer. How do you not get NBC Olympics.com? I though since it's online, anyone can get it? Maybe it has to do w/ the 'live streaming'? Sorry, I am not that well-versed in techno stuff....

I will gladly report here afterwards, on how they all looked, if you like! Plus, I'll bet someone will somehow get it on You Tube...
When we from the Great White North go to NBC the videos start to open and then a message is flashed saying it is blacked out for non US residents. Our Olympic channel CBC has much more limited coverage. This is the only time in 19 years of living here that I want to be an American:p
Sorry about the limited coverage, Bog! I guess we American capitalist/overconsumers just can't be w/out our TV, 24/7! ;)
Ugh! I actually looked at the times. No way can I stay up that late. I go to bed early for a teenager anyway, but I worked a 40hr week last week on top of two gymnastics practices, 6 track workouts, 2 pole vault sessions, and my senior portraits. I taught a 3-hour preschool class (not gym, just general) yesterday and today, baked for three hours yesterday for our orchestra bake/rummage sale, did all my regular coaching hours and practices so far, and have to be up early again for my workout, then for girls level one class, then on to girls 4, lunch break, then I work the bake/rummage sale at school, and have to zip right back to the gym for a staff meeting. I haven't stopped running, and need to sleep! I really want to watch these guys, but I simply can't justify it!Maybe thursday for the women...Thursday I only coach team at night. But oh wait-I have a college visit a few hours away on Friday and need to leave the house by 6am! So that would only give me around 4hours of sleep to talk to professors, admissions, and convince the track coach to pay me to go there! When did my life get so busy? Really now.
I apologize! I thought I read that Men's AND Women's podium training were tonight. But Women's are Thurs, 1:30 am I beleive.

I think this means I stay up late tomorrow (Wed), to watch the ladies, after midnight, which is technically Thursday, right? C'mon brain, wake up! Help me out everyone, it's late!

OK.-Gonna go watch the men now. Might not stay up for all of it, since I think I have to be up late tomorrow too. Just getting too old.

BTW Graceful One: I am exhausted just reading your post. I don't even want to know what you will be like one day when you are a busy parent--you must have a ton of energy.

You know what they say..."youth is wasted on the young"...wish I could tap into your supply! ;)
yes, gracefulone, listen to midwestgymmom! That's cool that you are involved in so much, certainly better then hanging out in the mall parking lot like most people my age seem to do all the time when they aren't in school.
I clicked the Enhanced View button & it got bigger, but not full screen. About 3/4 screen.
I just remembered this and loaded it in time for Morgan to get on high bar. I was thrilled with his landing on his dismount now he just has to hit it like that this weekend!

What exactly are the rules for the podium training?

Jonathan Horton is totally my fav, who caught him singing don't worry be happy? LOL If I didn't have a BF I'd be back at teeny bopper status over him haha

I was able to do it once.........how I dont remember:( Oh well, at least we can watch it:D
When you wave your mouse over the lower half of the viewing screen, the enhanced button should show up, lower right corner. It disappears when you take your mouse away.
I followed everyone's advice and went to bed. So how did they look?
I spent an hour last night trying to read Chinese on the CCTV5 site trying to find it. In the end I reminded myself that this was not the meet, it didn't matter and went to bed. But I felt like a mad, jealous 9 year old who couldn't see a movie with her friends.:eek::eek::eek:
I started to try to write a synopsis here of their training, & then decided to check the article on NBC Olympics.com. It says it much better than I could, w/ my untrained eye!

I will say that the NBC article seemed to be an overly-dramatic description of what boiled-down to a TRAINING session.

The men seemed to be really trying to get a feel for the different pieces of equipment in the arena--not doing full routines, practicing various passes & bits of routines, etc.

Granted, the few falls I did see, and which the article mentions, seemed scary. But then again, these men fly very high and have a LOT of power going into their moves, so naturally, their falls look more dramatic. But judging from the way they each got up from their falls and practiced some more, I'd say they all survived just fine.

I will say they all looked VERY nervous. You could see the pressure mounting in everyone's mind & on each of their faces. It was like "Oh my gosh, it's almost here! I wish I had more time to get ready for this!"

I'm proud of them, they have a lot of expectations on them right now! :)


NBCOlympics.com - U.S. men stumble in training
I have managed to use an IP blocker to watch the archives from lat night, just hoping that it will still work for tonight's womens podium training, that starts at 10pm and goes on for 4 hours!

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