Parents re-visiting the gymnastics camp topic

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Sorry to all if this has been discussed before but would you mind sharing your opinion on this good or bad (I can take it)...

My DD's gym sent out info on a summer camp that they are trying this year. It is the National Gymnastics Training Camp in NY. I thought this was a no brainer "no" my DD would not go because she is only 7 and only a L4, what would she be able to accomplish there? However, some teamates must have been talking about it at practice and she has been talking about going ever since. Wow, I can't even believe I am going to type this...I would hate for her to feel left out if everyone else is going so I am considering it, pending feedback from some of the other younger L4 teamates like my DD. We are going to go to an open house there too, but have any of you sent your DD's there and would you send a younger girl there with only L4 skills? I would really prefer to wait til she was a little older and maybe more mature. I can't believe I am even thinking about giving in to peer pressure, LOL, but this forum is such a vast wealth of knowledge I appeciate your feedback on these things since I am so new to this.

Thank you!
7 is very young to be going off to camp, how long will the camp be for? I personally would not do it at 7, but every kid is different and you know your own child better than anyone.
If they let her go it could be a great experience. I would find out more about it...
My DD is 7 (turned in Feb) and training L4, she and I are going to Lake Owen this summer for the week. They have a mom and dad to camp program where parents can work to offset the fees. She will be off with her teammates, and I will be working in the camp store. She will also be the youngest one from our gym going.

I dont envy your delimma! I know the feeling of worrying that your DD will be left out! It is heartbreaking!

7 is awfully young to go away.... That being said, I put my 9 year old on a plane to Texas to go to Bela's camp when she was a L5.

I think that it will give you piece of mind when you go to the open house. My other suggestion would be: if you cannot be at the camp with your DD - Make sure there is a teammate's mom there, and most importantly friends from her team.

When My DD went to TX, She flew down with another parent, and bunked with her team there were 11 of them that went that year. Knowing that there was a mom around and the girls that she spends so much time with... it really helped. It was like a week long slumber party!

meanwhile I was home waiting by the phone every night for a phone call.......
how was bela camp..we are thinking about it in the next couple of years
It was her first Camp experience. She liked it, they do very very heavy spotting on skills She came away from it 'doing' L9 & 10 Skills.

That was the only year we did Bela's Camp. It was a great opportunity, she loved Meeting Bela. She keeps the picture of her and him next to her bed.

We have gone to Lake Owen the past 2 years. It is much closer to us. She really likes Lake Owen. She likes that she is working skills that she can use. She loves the lake and beach. It feels like Summer camp.

I think part of it is an age thing too.. When she was 9. 'Learning' how to do a Tuck on Beam was like a Dream.. Now at 12, she is working skills that she needs.. She is excited for extra time in the gym to perfect her Giants, Work her double fulls, and that ever elusive Tsuk.
I would say keep an open mind at this point and not commit to camp. Great chance to go and see the place---that is your time to ask lots of questions and see how you feel about her being away at a young age. I would really want specifics on the daily schedule because at that age they do require alot of structure.

Will there be parents of any of her L4 teammates staying through the week or one of the coaches? If not, I would be very reluctant to send a 7yo away to camp. I'm sure it is almost impossible to say "no" to her right now----been there with the roll of the sad eyes:)

My gymmie will do her 1st "away" camp this summer and she is turning 12. She and 11 others from her gym plus 2 moms and the head coach will be off to Lake Owen. It does mean a plane flight and then a drive to get to camp. Since there will be adults that know her and she seems to have that drive to get those L8 skills down, we feel this will be a nice oppurtunity for her. Before we sent in any money though I sat down and discussed with her about why she wanted to go(probably easier to do with an 11 yo than a 7 yo!).
It sounds like you guys have so much going for your gymnasts in the US, we do not have gymnastics camps in Australia except for the national team, but we don't even really have summer camps in Australia. The summer school holidays are only 6 weeks long and very few kids go away because Christemas is right in the middle.

Are these camps common? Do many kids go?
My little one is 7 and regardless of skill level, I think that is awfully young to be away for a week. She has done an overnight at Girl Scout camp (last summer at 6). My older DD went to IGC and they don't even take kids under 8.
Our team goes to a camp in Myrtle Beach SC. My dd will turn 8 on the last day of camp. IF she goes we will also go and stay near by. Hence the problem. Camp is $500-$600. Then we will have to pay for a place for the rest of us at the beach in July. It may not happen, too much cost. I hate not to send her, especially if the rest of the team is going. At the same time - as an adult - can't break the bank for a week.

I come from England, where we certainly have a long six week summer holiday, but England is pretty damp and the summer camp culture is very small. When I moved to Canada and encountered the summer camps here I was blown away. There are camps for everything under the sun, from computers, horse riding and of course gymnastics.

Our summer break is 10 weeks long and my kids really have loved their gym camps, oldest first went when she was 7 about to turn 8, she had a blast, but it is a very tightly organized camp, not like Woodward with it's flexible training times and many choices. It's also girls only. My other dd first went last summer to the same camp, she was 8, it was the right time for her and had big sis to look after her.

The camp is two hours away from us, but I still have to admit to feeling a bit nervous. The girls would stay for the whole summer if they could. They will go for two separate weeks this year.
Well just another question then. If so many kids go away to summer camp do the kids in your countries still do school camps?
do the kids in your countries still do school camps?

What are school camps? Do you mean camps where kids do academics such as math, science, etc?

The summer camps for gymnastics are usually very costly, so kids usually don't do more than 1-3 weeks.

My oldest is electing NOT go to go gymnastics camp this year. She is doing a 5 week camp at the local high school - the camp is for performing and visual arts - sculpting, dance, instruments, acting. She is also doing a 1 week daycamp for gymnastics (coached by the high school coach). There are still 2-3 other weeks where she could go to gymnastics "away" camp if she wanted to.
Well just another question then. If so many kids go away to summer camp do the kids in your countries still do school camps?

Now it's your turn to educate me AUSSIE, I have no idea what a school camp is. Therefore, I will say, no they don't have school camp here.

They never go anywhere with school, maybe to the ski hill or ice skating, only for a day though!
hehe, I guess that answers my question. In Australia all the schools take kids on school camp, usually from about the age of 9 or 10. The go for about a week to a camp and do all the campy stuff like canoeing, swimming, staying in cabins and so on. But they do it with their school during the school year. It is a part of the required curriculum.
IN high school some school have trips like that, but not as curriculum. They are charged over and above the regular fees that we pay for state school. Also they are optional.

Sounds like a great idea, and a lot of fun.
I think 7 is awfully young to be going away to camp alone. However, if you can work it out so you can also work at the camp that would be great. I know some girls from our gym go to Bela's camp and one of the Moms is going to be there too. I would definitely do it if I could be nearby. My dd is only 6 so no summer camp for her this year, but I would consider it next year if she will be with teammates and I could be nearby.

I think it depends on the camp and the child. If the child is willing and she is going with her team including a parent, I think it's fine. A 7 year old might get homesick but my dd told me she had 13yos crying at night too. We usually have a team mom serve as room mom.
I think it depends on the camp and the child. If the child is willing and she is going with her team including a parent, I think it's fine. A 7 year old might get homesick but my dd told me she had 13yos crying at night too. We usually have a team mom serve as room mom.

Too true, my little one and he good friend went to gym camp last year, first year for both. Friend is outgoing strong willed, only child. She cried constantly, wouldn't participate etc. When our coach dropped in to visit the girls for an evening as a treat she said the friend wouldn't stop crying, parents were called etc etc.

My kid just wished she'd stop crying and have some fun, DD had a blast. But then I knew she would, she was ready, was good at sleep aways, independent, prepared to eat whatever is on the table and loves to make new friends.

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