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Thank You everyone for your well wishes and all the gym faries and all the fingers and toes crossed.

DD Did Awsome!!!!! She Qualified for Sectionals on her first meet so much so that she knows that qualifying for States will be a breeze!!

Floor - 9.0 5th (1st was a 9.125 so not much difference from 1st - 5th)
Vault - 8.6 - 9th (she took a big step on the landing both times)
Bars - 8.85 - 2nd (1st place had a 8.875 not much higher than hers)
Beam - 8.15 - 6th (this is her challenge event she was shaking on this one but she didn't fall off or have any big balance correction. She didn't get her connection series - big pause if she can get that it will greatly add to her score)

AA - 34.60 6th all around (1st was a 35.675 again not too far a reach to beat)

She was flying on cloud nine we were flying on cloud nine!!! At her old gym she was always the last to qualify and it usually was the last possible meet. Now not only did the whole team qualify with AA scores between hers down to 32. somthing. She had the top score on her team!! Her coaches were over there after the meet saying how proud they were of her (and of each girl) they couldn't ask for a better first meet!

We had the other gym mom's saying how great her routines were and how graceful she presented. I had mom's from other gyms talking to me and saying how beautiful her routines were.

LOL too bad the poor girl has no skills (according to the old gym). She will only improve as the season goes on and now with the pressure of qualifying for Sectionals out of the way she can go for it BIG at the rest of the meets untill the first Sectionals in February (on my Birthday).

Ok can you tell I'm happy!! We DID pick the right gym for her!!!
Wow that's a great first meet and glad she did so well :)Isn't it neat how the right coaches can bring out the best in your DD :)
Congrats to your dd on an AWESOME first meet!!!! Don't you LOVE it when you prove old gyms and coaches WRONG!!!!!!!!!!! This was the best move for your dd and I am so glad that she is fleurishing here!!!! Great job!!!!!!!
Congrats!! Great first meet and what a huge relief to get that qualifying score out of the way.
Nice way to start the season off not just for your dd, but the whole team. Good to get that sectionals monkey off your back!!
Funny, I've never seen a girl with "no skills" get those kinds of scores in level 7, sounds like she's got plenty of awesome ones to me! What an awesome way to start the season and I'm sure it will just get better from here. So glad things have worked out so well for both of you with the gym switch, your dd really deserves to feel awesome about this accomplishment with all she's been through. Congrats to her on an AMAZING job!
Sounds like a fantastic day! Congrats! Was this L7? How was the giant?

Thanks. She didn't do a giant this time around she did I think the free hip circle as it was a move she knows well. Now that the qualifying is over they will add that in as it can be a 50/50 move. But she has been perfecting it at the gym. Her current coaches want to wait to add it which from what I can see and how great they are I'm on board with what ever they suggest.

As soon as I figure out how to get the video off the camera and on to the computer I'll post her routines. for you guys to see.
Great job, I am so glad that your gym switch worked well. Cannot wait until your DD has to go against her hold gym. Those coaches do not know what they are missing.
Way to go. Sounds like she had a wonderful meet. And it was obviously the right move to switch gyms. Was her old gym at the meet to see her show off her lack of skills?
Way to go. Sounds like she had a wonderful meet. And it was obviously the right move to switch gyms. Was her old gym at the meet to see her show off her lack of skills?

No the old gym wasn't there. They won't have a meet together until Sectionals. I'm hoping by then she will blow them out of the water :D

Our new gym does alot of meet through out the region with the optional girls - they want them to see what teams they will be up against if and when they go to regionals. The old gym only does in state until they need to go to Regionals.

Next Sunday we have one more meet in our state (not counting sectionals and States) then we have 5 meets through out Mass, and 2 in CT, 1 in MD and possibly 1 in AZ (the owner is still trying to decide if we need to do a national one outside our region he will let us know after christmas but the odds are we won't do that one this year)
I know there is more as we are supposed to do a total of 15 meets this season. just can't remember them right now.
WTG!! I remember you posting about all the problems with the old gym and how they just never really believed in her.

She's going to knock their socks off!!!

heheheh...I love it when stuff works out that way:D
Those are fantastic scores for the first meet! It will be so nice to be able to compete without worrying about qualifying.
15 meets in one season. WoW! Do you have any weekends free? :p
Yes we have one in Dec, one in Jan one in Feb, none in March and states are 4/9-10/10 so that is a whole 3 weekend free from now until April LOL.
5 of them we have to do the Hotel as it it more than 3 hours away. one we have to fly to and 2 are questionable as to if we need a hotel. they are 2 hours away and if she has an afternoon session we can do that without the hotel but if she is in the morning or evening we will need a hotel. Definitly feeling the pinch of the cost of optionals this season but she is really excited.

We were also told by the coaches that if she has her L8 skills this season she could be moved up to L8 (I'm thinking let's get through L7) but right now she has her L8 vaults and some of her L8 bars and is working on L8 floor tumbling. It will be Beam that will hold her up - that is her fear event.

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