Parents SHE GOT IT!!! Level 5 States News!

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Proud Parent
She did it!! Little DD did the squat on/ jump to high bar all by herself at States this morning!!!

And...... she got the Bronze medal for beam in the 7 yr old group!!

Will try to post a pic and maybe even video later, we just got home from our 2 hour ride, with a stop to buy a Webkinz as a reward :D
:applause::applause::applause::applause::applause::applause::applause: Yay !!!!! Congrats to her - she must be so proud of herself. So how nervous were you waiting for her to do her bars??? I would have been a wreck and probably would have been jumping up and down like an idiot when she did it :D
My proud girl!

Oh my goodness - she is just adorable!!!! Congratulations to the bronze medal beam winner AND to the gymmie that rocked her bar routine:D... what did the coach end up setting it to?
Awesome for her! Now she can just enjoy the after state training - That is always soooo much fun:p

Not quite yet. Next weekend we have USAIGC States. My older DD is Silver level and competes on Sat, little DD competes in Bronze level on Sun. This bar routine does not include a jump to high bar. The 'hard' skill for her here is a flyaway (she is small enough to do it off the low bar), which she was doing but about 2 weeks ago, a new coach (not the same one who helped w/squat on) let her "slip" and she landed on her face with a nice mat burn down her nose! Thankfully, she is not afraid of doing it, she just needs to perfect it!
ouch! glad that the little spill did not create a fear of her flyaway. GL to both of your dd's at their USAIGC state comp next weekend:D
GREAT JOB! Congratulations on your DD's Bronze and squat on! It must have been those last minute tips/training. There was one girl from our gym in that 7's group, she didn't do that well.
Cute picture and your DD looks very VERY HAPPY! If your DD does another year of L5 maybe we'll see you next L5 season.
Congratulations to your DD! Her adorable picture says it all:D She must be soooo very proud & happy!! Keep up the good work. Good luck next weekend too:)
Yay for her!! It is awesome to see them finally succeed at something after working so hard and struggling with it.

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