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We are parents of ten children (3 biological, 7 adopted). Our oldest daughter competed in gymnastics until she was injured at age 16. She now coaches at a wonderful gym. Our youngest daughter (we have only two) age 6 made team this last June...three months after joining the gym! She's a perfectionist so this is a great sport for her. We LOVE our gym and are proud to be a part of it! We are especially looking forward to the meet that is being held in Walt Disney World in January, as this will give my youngest and I some special bondind time that is difficult at times in such a large family.

My biggest pet peave is parents that take this sport to seriously and are so hard on their young children. Perhaps it is because I have watched our oldest proceed through this sport I can look at things in a different perspective. But I believe parents coaching from the sidelines (which is immediately corrected by coaches at our gym) is silly. Children will enjoy this sport so much more if they just learn to believe that having fun and learning teamwork is the MOST important skill they will develop out of this. Sideline parents DRIVE ME NUTS:eek:!
welcome to the chalk bucket. this is a great place. I agree with you about parents getting too involved - sometimes it can become down right embarrassing when they are going off on a gymnast or a coach!!
Welcome MideeBlessed - you sound incredibly blessed! And one that also gives many blessings!!:D

I am mom to 3 wonderful kids. Our youngest is also six (Today in fact):p welcome to the CB - can't wait to hear more about your dd's meet season. How exciting to plan a trip to Disney for a meet!! Is it the Sand Dollar event? Is your gym home to JW by chance???

Welcome to the group:)
Congrats on your daughter making team, that is awesome:)
I have 2 in gymnastics one a second year level 4 who got her kip a month ago on her 8th birthday and Madi who turned 5 in june who started in June and is advancing quickly. I see miniteam in the next couple months for sure.

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