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Sleep away camp is not for everyone, but it is fabulous for the child who is ready.

So here is my camp checklist.

My child

1. is happy sleeping away from home for more then a night (not just with Grandma either).
2. is not afraid of lots of thing like the dark, bugs, strangers, scary camp stories
3. is not picky when it comes to food, lumpy beds etc
4. Adapts easily to changes in schedule
5. Can cope with less sleep than usual
6. Makes friends easily and is happy to share her friends with new people
7. Can manage her hygiene, clothes, money by herself
8. Won't mind not being in the same training group as her friends, because this often happens.

I am sure you can all come up with a few more to add, camp is a big step for a little kid, they really need to be ready or that first experience may well be their last as they will refuse to go back!:eek:
Not to be dumb but are some gymnastics camps really like camping? You said bugs and such. I know when I attended sporting camps as a child we stayed in hotels or university dorms. I am just caught off guard with that. I don't know if DD would ever be ready for that
Check out this camp, this is where my girls go. The whole gym is outside. Tons of outdoor activities. The dorms are very nice though. But this is Quebec, and we have bugs! Little DD hates them, but she sucks it up every year and gets over it by June/July.
At Lake Owen you definetly need to be Okay with Bugs! The camp is in Rural Wisconsin. Both Gyms are basically open areas.. Even the cabins get spiders and stuff. I have also been there when they girls empty the pit at the end of camp..There are more than just BUGS in the bottom of those Pit... Ewwwwwwww

Bog.. Good ideas..

I would also add:
  • Being able to use a calling card or know how call collect. The first year DD went to camp she didnt even try to call. The second and third year she used her whole calling card in the first 2 days.
  • Being able to manage money. There is a 'bank' kids can use at the canteen for snacks, leotards and such. One year my DD had spent her whole Bank roll (of $100 bucks) in the first day.. by the second day she realized she didnt have her wrist bands and didnt have any money to purchase new ones.. I had to send wrist bands....
Thanks for the great list of readiness skills. My dd wants to go next year. I told her no this year. I know she's not ready. You made me think of things that I hadn't thought of.

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