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We had a surprise meet today. After last weeks meet the coach told us that we are not doing the #3 sectional and in place of that we were doing one today! Since last night was Halloween and this meet was about 1 hr away I did not think we could do a 8am session but thankfully it was a 2pm one. We were at this gym for our first meet and I guess going back there knowing you would probably do well again was a huge motivation for the girls who did not do great last week.

I know what you are thinking...did she go over the vault today......YES! Twice! No problem. As a matter of fact this past week she practiced with the L5's and went over the vault table no problem. If I hadn't shown up to see it myself at practice I would not have believed it, but at least I know now it really wasn't fear. It was that timing mat they place right in front of the spring board. My DD needs it everytime to make her hurdle to the springboard.

So it was a LONG meet and a HOT gym, but the scores were great. My DD got her first over 35 AA so when we finally got home (left house at 12:45 and didn't get home until almost 7:30pm) we celebrated with ice cream/brownie sundaes...she deserved it!

Scores were:
*7 yr olds*
V 9.25 (4th)
UB 8.55 (5th)
BB 8.5 (still had a fall but 5th place)
FX 8.850 (6th)
AA 35.15 (5th)
What a great job. Good for her. Wow - a Pop Meet - never heard of that before.

I am glad she had a better meet, and now at least the vault problem is fixed. She certainly did deserve that brownie sundae !!!
Wow!! Awesome job!!!! That is so great the she did her vault twice!!! Nice scores also!!! Yum--I love brownie sundaes!!!!!!!

She will be moved to L5 after Jan but I don't believe they will be doing competitions til next season. The group that moved over last year and did the "double" season were really burned out. But because of her CCD schedule, she does do a L5 practice and loves it! She loves the new skills (tucks, kips, vault table) she is learning and loves the extra conditioning only it makes her really sore for next nights L4 practice. It's just sooooo expensive we are not sure how we are going to pay for it yet, LOL
I love this gym's set up!! The gym is small (Gymmonkeymama it is ENA Paramus) and has an upper level on the side that has the vault and a set of bars. During a meet is is somewhat secluded and great for my daughter to be away from the crowds! I think that helps.

Well, my son had a double header baseball game yesterday so my DH and two boys missed the meet. Since it was the last game of fall ball season they all had pizza/ice cream cake last nightw/the team & we missed it. So I ran to the store and got a half gallon of ice cream and since I had some brownies left over from Halloween me & DD made own own treat. I thought I deserved it too for sitting there that long, my nerves are shot. I am not sure how upper level moms (and dads) watch when I can't even seem to handle the L4 stuff, LOL
Yeah it was a "pop" meet sort of Gymmomntc, found out about it last week & just got the time on Thursday. It wasn't on the schedule, but, we had one girl finally turn 6 and she was able to compete with us for the first time and she did great & qualified for sectionals already. The girls were so excited to be sharing in the first meet & special day.

I liked the pop meet idea, LOL, nobody had time to get nervous until we got there!
Blackie that is awesome! Maybe she just needed a little level 5 workout. She definately deserved those sundaes.:)
Blackie! Beetle and I saw WOO HOO! Big scores and a hug for that vault!

Pop meet, that is kinda interesting. I suppose it helps with those girls that get themselves so nervous....It would never work for me. I have my weekend scheduled out through May!!! LOL
Congrats to her on an awesome meet :) I'm so glad to hear she went over the vault twice this time - I bet she was glad too.
Congrats to her on an awesome meet :) I'm so glad to hear she went over the vault twice this time - I bet she was glad too.

Thanks Flippy!

She was happy too. On Beam she stuck that leap and all the moms said "yeah" and I said "wait" it's not over yet and sure enough she fell on the turn. She never falls on that turn..oh well...there's always next time.

How is your DD doing on her cheering career? I am having a hard time keeping up with the posts here & may have missed the update...this place has gotten sooo busy with posts!
I am so happy for her vault, we knew she could do it. Great scores 8.5 with a fall is wonderful.

I love the idea of a pop meet, no pre meet stress. But how many of the girls didn't show up?
Glad she had an awesome meet. I am crossing my fingers that Abby has a good one this weekend. :D What an awesome vault score and that 35AA! Yay!

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