sudden back walkover fear

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Hey everyone!

In the last couple of weeks I've developed a fear of doing back walkovers on high beam, for no reason at all. They've always made me a bit nervous, but I do them every practice and it hasn't been a problem until now. It seems to have started when I began training round-off back tucks on floor which freaked me out a bit also. I can't really see how to two are connected though. I read those posts by dunno about it being vestibular, but I haven't grown or gained weight or anything so I'm at a bit of a loss.

My real question is if I should just push through the fear and get back up on the high beam or work back up to it from floor? I'm not terrified to the extent that I refuse to do it, I'm just worried that I'll go into it too fast and miss the beam.

Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated, thanks! :)
If you're worried about going too fast I would work back up to it from the floor and really concentrate on going slower and making every part of it perfect. If you are confident that you have very good control in the skill, it will probably be a lot less scary to do them on beam.

Hope this helps!
Sometimes people just get scared of skills. Try building it up again. Make sure to start on the highest beam you can make yourself do the skill on and do the skill there until you are no longer afraid of it. Then move it up. Once you get to the high beam, you need to make sure to do a set amount every day, and don't try to avoid them. It'll just add to the fear. I'm going for the same thing right now in my bhs on beam, and as much as I don't like doing them I make myself so I can not be afraid of them any more.
I had this problem learning cartwheels on high beam. I could stick them every time on every beam except for high beam with just 1 mat. But then the coach told me, "You stuck 10 with the mats underneath the beam, right?" I nodded, and she said, "Well, a beam is a beam is a beam. There's no difference!" And I went for it and made it! :D

So try telling yourself that. "A beam is a beam is a beam." If you can do them on low beam, you can do them on high beam; the only thing stopping you is your mind, but you have muscle memory and you have to "shut off" your mind and just use your muscle memory more!!! (Lol alliteration!)

hope this helps! :)

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