!? Tips for kips ?!

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hi, i am a former gymnast, and i was wondering how to do a kip. i used to have it a LONG time ago, but i dont even remember any of the tips my coach used to give me. now when i attempt one, it looks totally pathetic.

any tips would be great...the more detailed, the better!
Jump to bar with arms covering ears, Ideally hips are in a L position when your hands touch the bar.

Extend toes and swing out so body is stretched. Attempt to pause in this position.

Begin pulling toes/ankles to bar and swing in this V position. Don't push on the bar once you have brought them back but allow your butt to swing back towards the bar.

As the butt swings back, push/pull on the bar to arrive in support. Don't leg the come off the bar. As well make sure you keep contact of the legs with the bar, many gymnasts don't do this because they don't want to bruise their shins or instep.

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