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I would like to know if there is a difference between tumbling skills for gymnastics and those for cheerleading?

My level 6 gymmie wants to take an advanced tumbling class at gym but the time is not convenient for us. There is a cheerleading facility nearby that has an advanced tumbling class that would fit into the schedule very well.

My concern is if gymnastics tumbling and cheerleading tumbling are not the same I do not want her taking this class at the cheerleading facility.

Thank you
This may just be my gymnast-elitism speaking here, but I would STRONGLY DISCOURAGE getting cheerleading tumbling lessons if she is a gymnast. While the skills themselves are very similar, the training methods and the goals are different.

In gymnastics, we take time to make sure each skill is learned with proper technique before moving on to the next skill. If a girl doesn't have a tight backhandspring, I wouldn't let her tuck. If she doesn't have a strong tuck, I wouldn't let her do layouts. If she doesn't have a strong layout and a good sense of spatial awareness, I wouldn't let her full.

From what I've seen, the philosophy in cheerleading is to simply learn the next skill as soon as possible, with little thought given to proper technique and safety.

That's just my 2 cents, and since I'm a gymnastics coach, my opinion on the matter is admittedly a bit biased.
I agree with GT. Also, from what I've seen and heard, a lot of cheerleading facilities are not as safety equiped as gymnastics facilities. I've heard from some cheerleaders that they are expected to tumble on one-inch thick foam or just on the wooden floor. I see this as a major safety issue and a leading cause of overuse/pounding injury. I'm also with GT that my opinion is a bit biased, but I feel these are some important things to consider.
Thank you GT and Hammy

This was my gut feeling, but not being a gymnast or a cheerleader, I needed to get some input I trust! She'll just have to wait until school is out and then take it this summer!

Thanks again! I appreciate your answers!

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