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Well I haven't been around much lately, because of finals and our main computer has a virus and my brother is always on the only other computer i am allowed to use :( I have enjoyed reading through some of your posts! I have had to meets this season and they have gone pretty well. Im a second year level 7
1st meet:
started on beam. i am competing with 3 of our fasttrack girls and 2 of them had only done 1! real meet before(they did a in-house with a judege for lvl 5 and 1 meet level 6) so my coach wanted me to go first so they would see that it was just like practice, no need to be nervous ect. I had a pretty good routine. 2 major boobles one after my seires(bwo bhs) and another on a pivoute turn(soo dumb!) my dismount is a crtwhl tuck. in warmup i only did one and i did a crtwhl gainer, because i couldnt get my back foot on. The same thing happend in my routine but i stuck it!!! lol. it is the same value so didnt really change much
scores. 9.225. so would have been around a 9.4-5 without the bobbles.2nd place

floor: did a decent routine, could have shown it off more, little iffy on the 1 1/2 turn
score:9.25 2nd place

vault: i have never really been good at the front handspring vault. didnt get a single 9 last season. did a good vault good landing.
score: 9.200! very suprised 2nd place

bars: i really had a lot of trouble with bars last season. my cast hs were very inconsistent, low clear hips. my highest score was a 8.950. i had a horrible warmup! absoulutely nothing went right so i was pretty nervous. had a nice clean routine solid stick dismount.
score:9.100 1st YAY!

all round:36.6 1st place

team: with only 3 girls(1 had to scratch beam)with 3 falls we got first!!!!!!!
2nd meet:
started on bars warmup was good.went for my routine good kip cast hs clear hip hs(suprise to me!) fell out of the hs. i didnt know if i had gotten credit so went again. kip cast hs, hold for like 4 seconds lol. clear hip 45. good rest of the routine stuck dismount.
score:8.825 5th. so i would have gotten a 9.325 without the fall. then +like 1.50 tenths worth of decductions on the second one. could have been a 9.4-5
beam: had a really bad warmup. didnt stick a series, jumps were really bad. had to wait 30 an hour before we competed.... went good mount jumps. i go split 180 wobble. then repeat split beat jump another wobble :( series big wobble. great turn, small step on the
score:9.20(shock!) 2nd palce again could have been in the 9.4-5 range.

floor. was good. nothing major happened. showed it off better, great turn
score:9.225 3rd place

vault. decent vaults, big step on both landings
score:8.950 7th. the steps are what took me out of the 9's

all aroun:36.2 3rs place

team: lots of good teams, like best in my region. with 1 fall(me) only 3 people had to compete for team we had 4. the other girl had 3 falls. we got 3rd. really good for that meet. 1st place was only 1 point higher so if i didnt fall we could have gotten 2nd almost 1st. also 1st place. had like 12 girls so they just took their top aa's so we were at a disadvantage.

new skills: working piroutte on bars, clear hip hs on high bar( most likely going to compete at states) double back(bars) onto mats in the pit. floor doig fulls on floor again. working 1 1/2s and doubles onto mats in the pit.

sorry for the long post. just wanting to fill you guys in!:D
Sounds like your season is off to a great start!
Keep working and having fun.
Hope you did well on your finals also.
Those are great scores!! Glad you're haviing a good season :) And I just got my double back off pit bar onto mats too!! Haha,, Aren't they fun!? :)

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