update on my niece situation...

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After having already decided to keep her at her current gym...we had a change of heart....

Twice she has been moved up to level 3's..and as of last monday...twice she had been sent back to the level 2 group.

reasons (from her coaches) her hands are too small. and
they want her to compete level 2 then move up during the year...

i've just decided that i do feel that the other moms are influencing the coaches....(one of the main complainers is now working in the office)

i just feel that the staff is currently too disorganized....FOR INSTANCE...

monday last week parents were told an order of leotards had been ordered for us to purchase....they would be there thursday....

wed we were told the shipment had arrived on wed....and parents could buy them beginning saturday....

Saturday the owner of the gym told everyone...no leotards were ever ordered and there are none to buy. :confused:

AnYWAYS...this is Sabians new gym....she is in the hotshots group and she loves her new coaches already.


thanks for all your advice...and help.
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It sounds like you had a lot of good reasons to switch gyms. I hope Sabian loves her new hotshot group!

Sports make some parents crazy as I mentioned in one of my first posts. It really seems as though the parents are threatened by another child's success. I never really understood that frame of mind as all children are different. I have watched many younger girls pass my oldest daughter in figure skating and it doesn't affect her or me. Some are just better suited to a sport than others. As long as your child (or in your case, niece!) is happy, then she's probably in the right group for her.

Good luck with the new gym.

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Great decision! I hope Sabian has a great season and everything goes well at the new gym.

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